Editors Note


Volume 3, Week 25

Editors Note

Brilliant!     Yes, I do have the irascibility to use my “favourite euphony” on this occasion, the announcement of the passing away of the “greatest rivalry” in rugby. Thirty seconds of silence please……………………………….. Thank you.

Growing up in the seventies, it was incredibly rare to see a real life Springbok rugby player in action (especially in The Last Outpost!) and most familiarity with the great deeds of these selected band of men came from the magnificent tales of battles of yore against the mighty All Blacks. Radio commentators brought the game to life over crackling airwaves in 1970, the black and white SABC coverage of 1976 painted a livid picture and of course everyone remembers the flour bombs, Ray Mordt’s hat trick and the little Welshman in 1981.

That the Springboks were leading 17-11 in head-to-head battles pre 1992 spoke volumes of their dominance in the past and contributed to the massive aura surrounding the Springboks. We were actually BETTER than the much-respected All Blacks! OK so the referee’s were a bit dubious and the AB’s were prohibited from playing their best XV through the political dispensation of the day, SO, give them one test per series in SA, what would the outcome be? 13-13. Take a few back on away series' when exactly the same charges were laid? I think you get the drift; the point is, it was a unique and revered rivalry, dubbed by many greater writers than this one as the "greatest rivalry", but more importantly it was OUR rivalry! It made us supporters feel very special - knowing that when these two teams clashed the best of what is to offer in rugby was pitted against each other, players and fanatical, knowledgeable and one-eyed supporters, who considered themselves at war for 80 minutes. The  feeling of uniqueness has been slipping away slowly especially after 1996 and finally - Saturday, it was gone. 

Sitting in the press box at Loftus, the dawn finally broke, they (the current Springboks) simply do not care as much as their supporters. Yes, they have pride in their country, their jersey, their history and their traditions or so they assure us and I do not doubt that for a second BUT, do they have enough of it? Marseilles, Edinburgh, London, Pretoria… an unacceptable hall of shame and a blatant disregard for the obvious in interviews points to South African rugby being sick to the core and it will take much more than a victory over the Wallabies to rectify this. The yardstick has always been the All Blacks, Springbok teams regardless of their problems managed to rise to the occasion against the old foe, this is no longer as a matter of fact it is over!

The saying, wake up and smell the coffee, has finally sunk in to this armchair reporter, positivism is a great and alluring characteristic one advocated to the full in this column every week however please allow this momentarily lapse as my record of Springbok attendances in the past year reads like a Stephen King horror; Edinburgh, London, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town (thanks heaven for a bit of light!) and Pretoria. Enough is enough - it is impossible to endure any more!

The excellent All Black team of Reuben Thorne face the Wallabies in Sydney on Saturday and the Wallabies will have to lift their game by a massive margin or else face a serious hammering. The defeat against the Springboks puts Eddie Jones in a precarious position, how good was the schizophrenic Springboks or how bad were they, the Wallabies? With a defeat against England already under the belt, their preparation has gone a bit pear shaped and it seems that all is not hunky dory for the World Cup. For one, history is against them as no champion has successfully defended their crown. Somehow though, this observer believes that they will not quite capitulate in Springbok fashion and the game will be a lot closer than we saw over the weekend especially with the return of George Smith and Stephen Larkham. 

The Wallabies may face a mountain but will definitely not be as tactically naïve this time around and should they match the might of the AB’s backline in defence they have plenty of pace out wide and experience galore in Burke (especially in his kicking and general record against the AB's) and Gregan to score tries. The last two years the AB’s lost in tight encounters and the Wallabies turned looming defeats around with gutsy play and self belief. For everybody in this country and this writer in particular’s state of mind, the Wallabies must emulate these past results and win this match!

Thank you for all your letters, they are well received and appreciated.



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Stale pizza & all that by Tom Marcellus
Immediately after the Twickenham debacle last year, I found myself, in my anguish, seeking words of comfort from my Old Man over a few brown sandwiches. To my horror, far from being a dutiful father and offering solace to the grief-stricken product of his overly-fertile loins, he was adopting a rather robust view of the calamity that had just taken place down in SW2 London.

"We are a third-rate sporting nation", he murmured, not put off by my ever-purpling face, "and we must simply get used to third-rate results".

After the swashbuckling performance of het Springbokken 12 days ago, I was tempted to get the geezer on the blower and rub his nose in it. "Hang on, old boy", a little birdie whispered in my ear, "wait till these woolly men from The Land of the Long White Cloud have been suitably dispatched afore ye go a-gloating".

Luckily, I heeded these wise words of wisdom.

As the pain of Saturday's merciless drubbing at the hands of the black hordes began to set in around midnight – this despite my determined efforts to seek various unlikely anaesthetics – I began to vaguely recall my dad's (at the time) callous words. Once I had eventually subdued the alternating waves of melancholy and nausea that this memory induced, I crushed my empty Castle can (on match day, you see, I only drink Charles Glass) and looked around for someone small to klap.

A bouncer eyed me suspiciously. I was angry, but not that angry.

The waitress sauntered over and all-too rudely demanded last rounds. She was being way too bolshy for my liking. It was late, and I was feeling tired and emotional, and not very chatty. I fingered the crusty remnants of my pizza. The air was thick with body odour and garlic, and I noticed sawny faces with goatees loitering at the bar.

Is this what 100 years of history have come to?, I murmured to no-one in particular. I thought of the epic one-man tests between the Billy Beaumont's Lions and Morne & Co that had been played out on the front lawn of our house. "Mordt is hoekvlag toe!", Gerhard Viviers would roar in a heavy English accent. But then I had only just started to learn die taal. Other glorious images of Danie, Carel, Naas & Co flickered through my mind.

A withered Lone-Star bandanna hung precariously from the horn of a stuffed Eland. 

"The South will rise again!", I spluttered defiantly, as I smashed my fist on the table and up-ended the ash-tray.

The bouncer patted me on the back gently, as he escorted me to the door. It had been that kind of a day.

Politically Naive by Desmond Organ
Prior to indulging myself in several hours of analysis and shock rehabilitation treatment this armchair critic found it quite pleasing that despite the desperate attempts of the Springbok rugby coach to point out otherwise, the media are quite a well informed bunch of people. Not only did the ghosts of the pre Tri-Nations come back to haunt the well read Straeuli, but he might just have bitten off more than he can chew with his media bashing of a week ago.

Despite what the national coach night think the ultimate purpose of the investigative and reporting journalist is to provide the millions of supporters with a mouthpiece and a means to express their feelings about the game. The majority of rugby supporters do not have the same opportunities at their disposal to gain exposure to the players or the coaches and their respective hopes, aspirations and strategies. Moreover in the professional era the coaches and players are paid handsome salaries, which are partially financed by the ticket purchases and television subscriptions of the supporters.

Considering that in this day and age the probable annual salary of the national coach amounts to a number between one and 9 followed by six zero’s there is even more reason for the public to expect to be informed as to the state of the game. The media is the primary source for those very supporters who are not paid, but pay to watch the national team strut their stuff on the field. 

In launching a badly timed broadside at what Straeuli referred to as uninformed reporting he was perhaps not only being over opportunistic but also somewhat arrogant. Considering the number of record defeats at his disposal and the inability of the Springboks to play anything resembling world-class rugby I would expect that he might just have worded his frustrations a little more carefully. What Mr. Straeuli forgets is that you are only as good as your last result and judging by the performance on Saturday I would say that that is not very good at all.

In fact, were it not for the coaching musical chairs of the post isolation era and specifically the post Mallett era; it is quite possible that Straeuli would be perusing the columns of newspapers and publications in search of employment opportunities. It is quite amazing that a coach that has branded himself with a back to basics approach to the game is so concerned with control that he has resorted to treating the media as if they were badly behaved school children.

Let’s be quite clear Mr. Straeuli, you are not only dealing with professionals but with people who spend their journalistic lives looking for that one story that breaks onto the front page. No matter how well read you are or how restrictive your leadership practices, you will never be able to out read the several hundred journalists that spend every day watching your every move. In addition the last thing that you should aspire to is to alienate the people that have direct access to the supporters of the game.

It is not only amongst the formal media that the analysis of the game is rampant, there are several very well informed groups of supporters who spend the better part of the week reviewing matches and compiling the very statistics that can come to haunt the most arrogant of coaches. The fact is that the national coach is grasping at straws and it is becoming increasingly evident that not only was the result against Australia stumbled upon but also it is beginning to look as if the selection of the t eam itself was stumbled upon.

It does not take a rocket scientist to confirm that the Sharks under the same said Straeuli had a reputation of being chokers and failing to win when it mattered most. It now seems as if the coach is destined to write his own record as the worst Springbok coach in living memory, but that might just be a bit too harsh especially if he wakes up from the dream of winning the World Cup in time to produce a miracle of sorts.

The only real comments to be made about Saturday is to highlight the fact that the All Blacks exploited the very weaknesses that the media has been focusing on and perhaps if Mr. Straeuli spent a little more time focusing on what the media was saying and less time worrying about ping pong the better.

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Returning to Earth with a thud by Vinesh Naicker
NZ (52) vs. South Africa (16)

The game got off to a nervous start for both sides with Russell knocking the ball on with his first touch and Devine feeding the ball over the backs of the front row instead of between their feet.

The first scoring opportunity came 3 minutes into the game, with the Boks securing a lineout and then driving. They literally jogged 20 metres upfield before Thorne was penalised for pulling the maul down. Koen goaled the subsequent penalty, score 3-0. Spencer was given an opportunity to equalise a minute later when Matfield sealed the ball off in a ruck. He missed.

Another scoring opportunity for the Boks occurred through a very bad call from the referee on McCaw. The video replay confirmed McCaw had executed the perfect move, tackling the ball carrier, getting to his feet and scooping up the ball before the ruck was formed. It was fitting natural justice that Koen missed the kick from 50 metres out.

Barry lost the ball forward in the tackle and Mulaiana pounced taking the ball up 10 metres. The Boks were offside from the subsequent ruck but NZ seemed to have an overlap on the right wing, with no thought for playing advantage the referee blew his whistle. I was starting to dislike this guy.

The next major play was two good drives from Collins and Jack. With numbers lacking in defence on the blindside, leaving Terblanche marking two players, Spencer sold him a dummy and shot through for a try, which he failed to convert, score 3-5. The crowd went quiet for the first time.

Koen made a half break just outside the NZ 22 metre line passing to Krige who gained another 10 metres, he passed to Russell who, with the try line open knocked on. Russell had not had a good game up to that point, knocking the ball on twice and having Jack run over the top of him once.

Spencer cleared to the 10 metre line only for the Boks to win the lineout and for Koen to drop kick it for 3 points, score 6-5. One of the most enduringly annoying sights in rugby has to be seeing Bok flyhalves banging over these damnable drop goals. It's the main reason we dislike the English.

Once again the referee refused to play advantage for Koen being offside from a ruck, so Spencer was forced to kick a penalty. He took his time over this one and duly banged it over, score 6-8. It was obvious at this stage that both sides were keen to play in the opposition half and so kicked for territory at every opportunity. From the resulting kicking duel Terblanche was the first to stuff up. He kicked the ball to Howlett, who ran it back 20 metres before passing to Collins, who juggled it for 5 metres before kicking ahead. Terblanche took it in to touch, giving NZ a lineout on the Bok 5 metre line. From the ensuing drive, ruck and pass to the backline Mauger cut inside Terblanche , accepted Snymans friendly hug around the shoulders, and passed to Howlett who dotted down under the posts. Spencer converted to take the score to 6-15.

The loss in momentum from a knock on from Williams was offset eventually by a forward pass from Koen. From the scrum the ball went along the back line to Mulaiana, who made a break past Barry. Barry managed to ankle tap him but Mulaiana passed to Mauger as he went down. Mauger to Rokocoko, to Devine, to McCaw. It looked like it had broken down here as McCaw knocked it on. The referee missed it though and Russell grabbed the dropped ball. He made a sweet pass past Krige to Rokocoko, who ran th e try in unopposed. Spencer kicked the conversion, score 6-22 and Russell, who was the hero last week, is definitely having a forgettable game. 

Sustained attack from the Boks got nowhere until Koen ran the ball, allowing Barry and Krige to make ground. Devine was penalised for playing the ball while off his feet and Koen kicked it from right out in front. Score 9-22.
A bad pass from Russell to Koen turned the ball over to NZ on the half way line. Umaga with Howlett inside him unmarked instead kicked it straight into touch. At the start of the international season I believed Tana should be captain, but he has been absolutely useless in three and a half games and should probably be dropped. Another try went begging as a pass from Devine to Spencer was marginally forward. Half time came about as Spencer missed another goal kick from a scrum penalty.

The first second half scoring opportunity occurred when Terblanche received a kick from Spencer. He waltzed around mindlessly for a while before getting tackled and penalised. Spencer successfully kicked it, to put the score at 6-25. It's nice to see stupidity punished.

A good break by Barry was almost undone by Joost flopping around and falling over instead of clearing the ball. By sheer dumb luck he got it out to the left, where the Boks had a 3 on 2 overlap. Thorne somehow managed to get across and tackle Terblanche, who dropped the ball in the process of crossing the line. Some days you just shouldn’t bother getting out of bed.

With NZ gaining momentum from a series of phase plays Umaga looked to have knocked on. The referee however awarded NZ a penalty for something, perhaps an offside. With the pressure now off him Spencer duly slotted it over, score 6-28.

With substitutions on both sides starting to occur, the Boks changed their gameplan to the pick-and-go, with no signs of success from this ploy, the NZ defence was stoic. A loose pass from the Boks and Mauger kicked the ball downfield. NZ then took control for Rokocoko to eventually score in the corner. Score 9-33 and the game definitely won. Spencer missed the conversion and his continued inaccuracy with place kicks has to be a concern.

A dodgy penalty against Barry for an early tackle and NZ opted for a lineout instead of the shot. Meeuws scored the try but was sin-binned for retaliating against Kempson, after scoring. Spencer kicked the conversion to bring the score to 9-40 and his kicking stats up to 50% (6 from 12).

Playing now only for pride (and to fulfil the terms of their employment contracts) Koen kicked the penalty for a 5 metre lineout instead of going for the posts. The Boks were unable to get a drive on and Koen, eventually, kicked a cross field kick that had so much air on it that Terblanche and Mulaiana both had time to grab a cup of coffee before contesting it. Terblanche knocked it back only for Pretorius to knock on, so the move came to nothing.

A quick tap from a penalty and a series of drives from rucks enabled Willemse to step outside McCaw and cross the line in Mulaianas tackle. A well deserved try as he had been beating at least one man, almost every time he got the ball, all game. Koen inevitably made the conversion, score 16-40.

Marshall took a quick tap from a lineout free kick and Howlett scored in the corner. Spencer kicked the conversion, score 16-47. From the kick off the ball was passed to Howlett who ran it back to halfway. From the ruck Marshall took the time to do a full pirouette before passing to Spencer. Mauger took a flat pass from Spencer, broke the tackle of Boome and ran 40 metres to touch down. Spencer missed the conversion (7 out of 14) and the score was 16-52. The game ended with NZ demolishing the Bok scrum on the final whistle.

South Africa will have learned how much of a difference doing the basics of tackling, catching and playing consistently can make. Hopefully it is a lesson that the All Blacks will take to heart too. More pleasing than the size of the win was that NZ put together an 80 minute performance of controlled rugby, instead of playing basketball as they did against Wales. Thorne had an outstanding game cleaning up the loose play throughout the game and providing a much needed solidity. He seems to be growing into the captaincy but it will be good to see him come through in a pressure situation.

The only negative going forward to Sydney is Spencer's continuing failure to kick accurately under pressure, leading to the possible inclusion of Blair in the side. Blair is a great little bloke but he’s not going to stop the likes of Latham, Tuqiri or Sailor. Hopefully Marshall will stay on the bench too.

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It is about tradition and respect. There is enormous respect between the two teams and each time I have played them it has been an enjoyable experience.      Joost, pre-match

I don't want to tempt fate, but I have never lost a match - Super 12 or international - in which Louis Koen and I have been partners.     Joost again, pre-match

It's not as big as it used to be, there is a bit of a gap now and they [New Zealand] seem to have the upper hand. Ollie Le Roux

We won't read too much into this score, we just couldn't hang onto the ball for long enough and when their back three got hold of it they punished us.    Corne Krige

It was just one of those games where everything went well for us.    Reuben Thorne

Yes, it's time to panic. THIS was the rugby equivalent of a car wreck.       Clinton van der Berg

Stefan Terblanche is depriving a circus somewhere of a clown.      Dan Nicholl

That's weird,I just can't understand why he would suddenly mention my name. It's bullsh*t!
Grant Esterhuizen

Is Straeuli on laughing gas?     Cape Times headline on the inclusion of Gus Theron

Sid Nomis, the greatest Jew since Moses!        Toit Danhauser at a luncheon in honour of Tom van Vollenhoven, Springbok wing

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Letters to the Editor
Hi Lucas

After match quote by Corne' Krige, "The score was not a true reflection of the game." Was Corne' referring to the fact that the scoreline should have been 71-16, had Carlos Spencer had his kicking boots on, after missing 19 points. If not, was he referring that the scoreline of 52-16 flattered the All Blacks. If so then Corne' Krige was not playing in the same game that I watched on Saturday afternoon.

Let's face facts, the previous Saturday's game against the Wallabies was a once off fluke. Yes, the Boks did raise their game but then again the Wallabies are not the powerhouse they use to be and should they have taken all their penalty kicks at goal, the score line would have gone the other way. 

I cannot believe that after the win against the Wallabies that the majority of Bok supporters where so gullible, haling that the Boks where back on track and that the World Cup was theirs for the taking. Even Mr. Balfour expressed his optimism in a telephonic interview that the Boks where back on track. One good performance does not represent a come back and that all is well. The notion started by Naas Botha and adopted by Mr. Straeuli that a win is a win, is totally "bullsh*t" to put it mildly. You only really win through good consistent performances. As Clive Woodward put it, "we did not beat the All Blacks, we just scored more points than they did".

For the Boks to be beaten in such a horrific manner in their own backyard and amongst the Loftus faithful, illustrates the dire straight that South African rugby is in, from the top down. The current All Black team is a reasonable good team as they are still in a re-building phase before the World Cup. They are a long way off from the All Black team of the early to mid nineties. What phase the Boks are in, no one knows and they must be dreading the return leg which if I am no mistaken is at The House of Pain.

As the only "brave" All Black supporter watching the game amongst some 100 plus Springbok supporters in the local pub, I really felt for all the sorry-faced Springbok supporters and I can just imagine what it must have been like at the game. What really stood out about the game was the professional attitude and passion portrayed by the All Black team, from the time they ran onto the field to the final whistle. 90% of the time (like England) they do the basics right where the Boks professionalism is o nly portrayed through their pay packets. No Bok player deserves the package they receive. In the end my scoreline prediction was even way off (35-15) however it was enough to win the pool and buy everyone a round.

It is really sad to see a rugby nation falter like the Springboks and where some top sides no longer view the Boks as their main rivals. The All Blacks went through a bad slump during 1997/98 however the rugby authorities dealt with the problems with determination and conviction. I do not see this with SARFU. If anything the problems and performances are worsening season by season, if not game by game.

Come on SA Rugby, it is now long over due to get your house in order as world rugby is the poorer without good solid Springbok rugby performances. Maybe it is time for drastic measures whereby supporters start boycotting games and sponsors withdraw sponsorships. This may be the only way to prompt SARFU into some positive action when revenues begin to decline and pay packages are put under pressure for the administrators, team management and players. If this where a private business, all and sundry wo uld have gone through the fair dismissal process due to on the job lack of performance.


Hi Lucas,

Like Hiroshima!

No doubt Straeuli, like the mayor of Hiroshima, said: 'What the @$#% was that?!' Sadly it was the 'Snot Klap' the Boks have been heading for again this season. Can you imagine the bloodbath its going to be in Perth?

Last week the media, ever hopeful supporters and, never forget the 'expert' media were full of the brilliance (your favourite euphony) displayed by the Boks and how the pressure of their pattern had caused the Wallabies to play so badly. What a superb demonstration of the optimism held by all of us Bok supporters. Yes, Straeuli can accept that we all have a belief and hold unswerving optimism for the Boks every time they run onto the field, but respect has to be earned and they're not even close.

Geoff in the last Forum mentioned 'thick' SA teams and more than skill it appears intellect in our players and coaches is the main ingredient missing. Did anyone really believe that the ABs wouldn't have a plan to offset our lineout poaching and how were we going to counter that? Nix, nada, nothing - we probably felt they were being unfair by nullifying our previous week's weapon!

How were we going to defuse Ritchie McCaw, Spencer, Mauger, Howlett and Rokocoko, and would the ABs toss hospital passes to each other allowing De Wet Barry to club them down like seal pups? Get real! How bad were the Wallabies, if the ABs could shut us down so easily? How good are our coaches who don't seem able to even guess what their opposition might do to foil our style of play?

And our coach, on being interviewed after the game, was going to 'draw positives' from the first five minutes of the game and then alluded to the effect injuries may have had on the side. Twak! Can anyone really believe
that Marius Joubert and Teunis Delport would have changed much? Phaleese!

A comment by Clinton Van Der Berg of the Sunday Times sums up Straeuli's competency perfectly - 'Yes, it's time to panic!' Simnikiwe Xabanisa, also of the Sunday Times, summed up the two teams as: 'It wasn't so much boys against men, as the blind school against the neighbourhood jocks!' World Cup? World pup more likely!

Storm Ferguson - a sad and disillusioned supporter. The light at the end of the tunnel is definitely that of a train coming towards us!

Hi Lucas.

Do you think its possible that......... (21/7/2003)

one can forget about this test? I just don`t care what SARFU, its management or who ever has to say with regards to the test vs All Blacks, one fact remains, the Springboks was humiliated like never before! It was a huge disgrace! I`m so stunned thet I`m still in shock! To loose like this is just unacceptable. 

My question is:"Where to now"? Now kicking is blamed for all? How easy to get rid of players? I will not bother to watch the Springboks anymore not until an opposition supporter one day comes and tell me "hey did you see the awesome performance by the Boks? This I promise you without a doubt? Be sure many will follow my example. To think these guys gets paid so much and comes up with such a useless performance? Did you guys see that last scrum? a Springbok pack completely pushed off their feet? Again a first against the Boks? 

Corne saying its nothing? BS and BS again! Its everything! I watch this game carefully and every time the Bok backline starting from Joost got the ball, they had no clue what so ever what to do with the ball? I`m telling you nothing at all? They did not know what was going to happening next, where to go, only one thing they knew and
that was "god knows I hope there is someone I can pass the ball to to get rid of it? I`m sure the Boks and its coaches does not know what a dummy runner is to use an example of what I`m trying to say? They have
NO CLUE guys no clue. Geen soos in GEEN idee nie man, niks, geheel en al niks. Only one way to proof to me that they are worthy to be called Springboks again is to; Win both tests away test against the Wallabies and AB`s on their home soil because they can do it to us. Not only beat them but beat them convincingly. Then win the RWC 2003. That is the only result I`ll except. The only guys, that's it. Nothing else. 

We as supporters have been humiliated enough by their pathetic poor play. What a load of b*llocks this Boks side is? The joke in World rugby! "Once we were called proud Springboks but now we are Mountain Goats" Nee o magtag, wat te erg is is te erg. Bewys my verkeerd? Die heiland weet die Springbokke moet asseblief hul naam verander want die vernedering rak nou te erg en moenie vir my se "don`t panic" nie hoor, want as k*kpraat `n siekte was was sommige van julle al lankla vrek! Pateties man pateties. Skaam julle wragtag vir so `n hopelose, ver onder standard vertoning om dit lig te stel. Nee wat, ek dink ek moet na die Franse begin kyk want ten minste sien ek opwinding en verrasings elemente van een of ander aard terwyl die eens trotse Springbok so `n vervelige lamsakkige spul geword het sonder guts, sonder idees, sonder plan, sonder passion, sonder trots! 


Hi Lucas


Dit is Vrydagmiddag en in 'n vooruitskouing voor die groot toets op Loftus wonder ek net oor die moontlike strategie wat die Bokke moontlik moet volg. Hou dit eenvoudig en speel effektief, speel die situasie en die plan sal self in plek val. Vereiste nommer een, maak vas manne en verdedig soos laasweek en beter, en dan vereiste nommer twee, TARGET vir Carlos Spencer en duik hom 'n slag uit sy sokkies uit en dit is, game, set & match, mense! Die nar is maar 'n bang-gat en kan maklik ge-rattle wor d.

Ek hoop en vertrou die Ref en sy twee lynkalante maak seker dat die "A.B.-ballchasers" agter Spenser is wanneer hy sy skoppies loods. Te veel kere al het hulle weggekom met moord in die opsig van die spel, en is dit nie opgemerk deur die ampsdraers nie. Kyk gerus weer na die Blues - Crusaders Super 12 eindwedstryd, en ook die N.S. - Engeland toets, en oordeel maar self.

Ten laaste sal ek graag vir Russell op loskakel wil sien en Andre Pretorius op heelagter en so teen die laaste 30 minute vir Van Niekerk en Bobbie in tandem met bogenoemde twee.

Sterkte aan die Bokke en alle ondersteuners.

Koos Carelse

Hi Lucas

Slegter as Twickenham? (21/7/2003)

Ag-nee, sies ga, wat 'n "mismatch". 'n Wedstryd wat ek so gou moontlik wil vergeet. Ek het gewonder of hulle die vorige Saterdag se poging sou kon herhaal. Hulle kon toe nie. Die bitterste deel was dat ek die gedoente bygewoon het, en as ek kon, het ek tien minute voor rustyd, die pad gevat. Wat my weerhou het was dat ek die toets as 'n "uitverkore" gas bygewoon het. In daardie foutvolle halfuur het die Bokke die speelwerk gedoen en die All Blacks het die punte gevat. Dan weet jy in jou binneste, hie r kom groot k$k. Tja, wat sê 'n man nou oor so 'n fiasko, wat weet ons nou na die lykskouing, is die bok heeltemal dood, moet ons hom nou maar begrawe, wat,wat, en waarheen nou? Hel, ons het hierdie toets sleg gedop. Bokke 16% - All Blacks 52%. Ja, die All Blacks was nie foutloos nie, hulle het hoofsaaklik op die Bokke se foute geteer, anders was dit nader aan 100%.

Wat, vra ek julle, wat de bl*ksem het van die verdediging van laasweek geword? Vergeet hulle so gou 'n ding wat werk? Daai "stupid interpassing'" tussen Koen en Kie, is om die minste te sê, lagwekkend, laerskool stuff, strooi. Dit werk lankal nie eens meer op die primêre vlak nie, sies man.

Dat daar 'n paar dooie ou Bokke agterlangs op die veld was, is nie altemit nie. Kom ons noem hulle sommer op die naam, naamlik; Snyman, Terblanche, Joost, drie pensioenarisse, en dan het die ander met uitsondering van Willemse, ook maar halfdooi opgetree, seker a. g. v. die teenwoordighid van die oues van dae. Koen KAN pale toe skop, DIS AL. Te veel is van een man, Russell, verwag. Hy kon onmoontlik nie die hele All Black agterlyn aanvat nie, hulle het hul huiswerk gedoen en hom opgepas en daarom het Willemse goed gelyk, wat minder aandag geniet het. Hoe wens ek nou vir 'n Grant Esterhuizen en Stuart Abbott, twee uitgeworpenes met hope talent en wat kan rugby speel, maar te gering ge-ag word. Nou sit ons met Snyman en Halstead, arme ons.

Die vories was ook nie heeltemal onskuldig by hierdie "crime scene" nie. In ons dae het ons dit sommer plainweg, BRUTAL FORCE & TOTAL IGNORANCE genoem, dis wanneer die manne met skouers, knieë, toks en met die kop speel, in plaas van met die HART , HANDE en VERSTAND. Eersgenoemde f%kken werk net nie.

Die grootste skande was dat toe N.Z. met veertien man speel, toe lyk hulle een te veel vir die Bokke. Die nar van 'n skeidsregter en sy trawante het natuurlik ook hulle kant gebring en dit was beslis nie vir die Bokke nie. Hoogvatte, aanslane en vorentoe aangeë was nogal ooglopend geïgnoreer deur die uwe.

My raad bly staan; maak vas, hou dinge eenvoudig, verdedig aanvallend en "play the situation". Te veel raadgewers, te veel plannetjies, te veel ou manne, te veel ekskuse, bring te veel verwarring en te veel groot nederlae waarvoor ons nou F%KKEN moeg is. Leer asseblief iets uit hierdie vernedering en onthou van Twickenham en laat daar groot asseblief nie 'n derde een wees nie.

Koos Carelse

Hi Lucas.

Toets, 19 Julie 2003: FRUSTRSIE OM IN DIE STADION TE KOM  (21/7/2003)

Wat 'n fiasko!

Ons maatskappy het kliente vanoor Gauteng en Noordwes provinsie genooi om saam met ons die wedstryd te kom geniet. Ons het almal by Boys High bemekaar gekom om almal te leer ken oor 'n braai ens, en om 13:45 na die stadium beweeg vir die groot oomblik.

Hoe kan die organiseerders net drie van die ingangs hekke oopmaak vir maksimum ondersteuners?

Meeste van ons, saam met duisende ander het nie eers die opening of afskop gesien nie! My groepie het eers Hek 1 probeer, en na 30 minute omgeloop na Hek 6. VOUT!!!: daar was net soveel ongeduldige mense saamgebondel : geen kans van enige ordelike toue moontlik nie. Voor ons weg is van Hek 1, het 'n groep probeer om een van die groot dubbel hekke wat gesluit was oop rte breek, ongelukkig het sekuritiet daar 'n stokkie voor gesteek - in elk geval so dink ek, hulle was steeds besing toe ons weg is na Hek 1. Letterlik
duisende wat probeer om by die twee klein hekkies uitkom, waar 'n paar jong verskrikte onervare seuns ieder el elk moes deursoek vir wat ookal. Die arme dametjie wat die kaartjies moes skeur het net hier en daar iemand kon stop om haar werk te doen. Die een klient was saam met my was het eers net voor halftyd by sy sitplek uitgekom, toe hy uiteidelik binne die gronde was, was hy totaal verlore, geen amptenaar of enige iemand wat hom kon help om by sy blok uit te kom nie - dit was sy eerste en laaste besoek, al kan hy weer as 'n gas kom!

As dit die manier is hoe Sekurikor Loftus ons ondersteuners gaan behandel, was dit definitief my (en almal wat om ons gestoei het) se laaste besoek - ons sal maar TV onderseun!

Johann Fouche

Hi Lucas,

SA versus AB 21/7/2003

Brilliant! For the All Blacks, but not for SA. For the AB's it was like taking candy from kids.

One good thing has come out of this games. Willemse was brilliant and worth 2 Stefan Terreblache's.

It looks like Russell would be most effective when the opposision is tired. We also played tactically incorrect. The AB's are most effective when you loosen up the game and SA played into their hands. Their defence was excellent, the solid black line was always there.

My mo*r was verskriklik suur gedurende die game en veral daarna. Die AB's  was puik. Wie weet as ons meer druk op hulle gesit het, en die Russell daardie drie kon gedruk het ens. Die AB's se afronding was puik en 'n mens het nie aanslane by hulle gesien waar 'n drie op die spel was nie. Myn insiens moes ons 10 man rugby teen hulle gespeel het. Dit lyk nie asof ons naastenby dieselfde kwaliteit agterspelers as hulle het nie. Stefan
Terblanche, om die bal darem op so 'n wyse te verloor op die doellyn! 

Nog 'n ding wat my dronkslaan is dat ons nie die "lugdruk voordeel" wat ons het, benut nie. Die springbokke behoort behoort eder in Pretoria/J'burg gebaseer te wees as in Durban of Kaapstad. Die enigste voordeel wat ons het, gooi ons weg. Genoeg gekyf vir nou.

Baie dankie vir die rubriek. Tenminste kan ons van ons opgekropte emosies ontslae raak.

Marius Stegmann

Hi Lucas,


Oepsie wat het Saterdag gebeur? Nie net is die rugby verloor nie maar ook die "fight" Ons is sleg in die skande gesteek, maar ek is vol hoop dat Roelfie 'n haas uit die hoed gaan trek. Sondebokke kan 'n mens uitsonder. Dit is maklik. Ek wil net noem dat ons baie gou vaardige senters en heelagter moet kry. Ek sal ook die huidige skrumskakel en losskakel vervang. Daar is spelers wat dit kan doen. Dit is maklik om 'n stelskopper in die span te sit, maar waar is 'n planmaker/spelskepper? As jou teenstand er nie foute maak in jou halfgebied nie gaan jy nie pale toe skop nie. Die kapteins is ook nie na wense nie. Jy kan mos sien as 'n sekere fase van jou spelpatroon deur die teenstander ontwrig word. Verander die spelpatroon. Maar nie een van die kapteins wil of kan dit doen nie. O ja voor ek vergeet. Wie se idee was dit om krygsdansers wat voorvadergeeste oproep voor 'n wedstryd op die veld toe te laat. Indien daarmee volgehou word gaan die manne aanhoudend pak kry. Ek beskou dit ongewens en ongevraagd. Die mense kla dat Dr Luyt eensydige besluite geneem het, maar hierdie lot wat nou SA Rugby bestuur het die kluts heeltemal kwyt. Karring so aan en julle sal nog wranger vrugte pluk.

Chrisjan X

Hi Lucas,

Los die oues van dae (22/7/2003)

Teen hiedie tyd weet ons reeds wie ry en wie bly vir die trippie Down-Under en Black-Thunder. Gelukkig is Snyman gedrop. My raad aan die Bok-bestuur en afrigterspan is om die klomp oumanne en underperformers na afloop van die volgende twee toetse sommer daar anderkant te los. Miskien kan 'n paar van die bestuur ook maar agterbly, miskien leer hulle iets, voordat hulle hul pad terugvind. Terwyl almal so lekker span kies en keur en kritiseer, het ek gedink om ook maar 'n nederige stywer in die beurs te werp met my keuse. Ek sal selfs 'n paar nikswerd Rande daarop wed dat hulle meer toetse sal wen as die huidige span.

15. A. Pretorius
14. T. Delport
13. G. Esterhuizen
12. R. Fleck
11. A. Willemse
10. B. Russell
9. N. de Kock
8. B. Skinstadt
7. J. van Niekerk
6. C. Krige
5. V. Mattfield
4. B. Botha
3. C. Visagie
2. L. van Biljon
1. R. Kempson

Koos Carelse

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