Editors Note


Volume 3, Week 26

Editors Note

Brilliant!     After watching the All Blacks make light work of their Sydney /Australia/ Bledisloe hoodoo I thought it best to console myself with a few “sport” quotes from “winners” of yonder years, hoping to motivate my discontented spirit. Big mistake, they all make it sound so easy, “all you need is blood, sweat and some tears” or some hooey to that effect and you can become a winner… and if you order now we will throw in skills, passion, game plans and the right person nel - for free!!

The Wallabies joined the budding ranks of rugby’s mediocrity by becoming the latest team to be humiliated by the All Black class of 2003. Face it, this All Black team is a nauseatingly good one, there are plenty of talented players and they punish any mistakes relentlessly. That said both the Springboks and the Wallabies inexplicably played into their hands. The Wallabies forwards dominated the lineouts and the scrums were well contested but for some reason the backs chose to kick the ball down the throats of the quickest backline in the game, ditto the Springboks at Loftus. Also, turnovers and mistakes cost them tries and for the second week in succession Carlos and co made a mockery of opposition defenses.

Can this All Black team be beaten? My “research” on Saturday assured me that all it takes is purpose, “if you can believe it, the mind can achieve it” and that got me thinking (a dangerous past time!) that what is needed is a bit more savvy in identifying and exploiting the weakness. What are they? Lineouts, Chris Jack is very good but what about the rest? Ali is a young un, Brad Thorne is a fast-low-hard-as-you-can-number-two-ball-only exponent, Collins is a midget and the French showed that with height in their back row this phase can be dominated.

What else? There is inexperience at full back rather than Christian “walk-on-water” Cullen, the Ausies proved Muliaina can be rattled and for the first time in ages the All Blacks do not have a prolific try-scorer at the back. A flair flyhalf in Spencer rather than a super-solid-no-mistake-do-not-give-an-inch-so-and-so called Andrew Mehrtens – there is a saying and this applied to Carlos in the past, give him enough rope and he will hang himself especially with his goalkicking creating extra pressu re. 

The points raised are not many and they mostly rest on variables but opponents need to ask questions of each New Zealand player, hence the word for these games – tests and so far the only team capable of doing that was England. They (England) are sure in their own abilities, the coach trusts his players and vice versa and this is a characteristic that was not built yesterday. Also preparation and professionalism are key components to the England game.

Why are the All Blacks “suddenly” putting on record scores against two of their oldest and greatest foes? New Zealand has an inordinate amount of talent and for many years now have been under performing if you look at their Super 12 and provincial prowess. The current coaching staff and selectors has got it right so far and their combinations proved lethal and justified with the added bonus that players performed to their considerable potential. If they can keep the self-destruct button away (read France) Thorne will be lifting the Webb Ellis trophy in November.

The Springboks need to re-gather their trust in each other and the coaching abilities and I base this statement on the defensive frailties over the last 10 tests or so as they do not possess at this moment in time the same talent as the All Blacks. They need to establish themselves as “grafters” of the highest order rather than flash Harry’s and grind other teams with more flair into the ground and when opportunities are presented strike with the lethalness of a mamba. Is it possible? Yes. Before t he World Cup? Afraid not.

Saturday will be the battle for the Tri Nations’ wooden spoon and as “proud” holders for the last few seasons, the Springbok team should be reminded not to try and hold on to this trophy. A prediction for the match is always difficult, it is a sure way of making an @rse out of yourself but the Springboks can take this game against an Australian team that is not all that convincing. But then how do you choose the better tomato out of a rotten bunch?

Enjoy the weekend’s game.



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The Colour of Money by Desmond Organ
The irony of it all, two days before the IRB sanctioned do or die date and the All Blacks have still not signed the RWC participation agreement. It is amazing that in this day and age of professional sports that rugby still appears to be unable to get it’s act together and reflect it’s status as one of the world’s largest global sports. In numbers alone the Rugby World Cup falls behind only the Olympics and football.

South African players were the first to sign the agreement and pardon the cynicism; but it is probably a good thing that they did as SA Rugby would be quite legitimately engaged in further wage negotiations following the humiliation against the All Blacks a couple of weeks ago. The Australian players representative body took the ARU through the court process only to emerge several weeks later as the slightly more embarrassed party. I say that because the war of words that raged between their respec tive leaders had a strange resemblance to wage negotiations with strong trade unions during the apartheid years. Lots of holding your head high and claiming the moral ground whilst the real work was going on behind closed doors.

The international press organizations that cover the game have highlighted the fact that at present it is the French that stand to make the most money as individual players should they raise the William Webb Ellis trophy in November. South African are several tens of thousands of dollars behind this figure but it is still a princely sum. The reality is that the players from the traditional rugby strongholds stand to make a lot more money than the minnows of the game and yet the players from those s maller countries stand just as much chance of ending their professions as a result of a freak accident.

What it comes down to at the end of the day is the profitability of the entire event. From the ticket sales to the television rights to the branded merchandise it is about the money that eventually flows into the coffers of the IRB. What has been somewhat surprising is the amount of time that has been spent on the media publicity surrounding the cash grievances of the players. The players have every right to demand a fair share of the profits from the lucrative event, but can you just imagine how m uch more popular and global the game might be if their was as much time spent promoting the event as there is defending the legal parameters of the global event. 

If it was not for the efforts of the global and national Internet sites and the media events down under you might just wonder what all the fuss is about. For an international game that boasts parity with the Olympics and the Football World Cup there is very little publicity outside of the traditional places that you might expect it. Now I am not for a minute suggesting that we should be engaging in a expensive billboard exercise in the mountains of Peru, but surely a medium to long term strategy th at builds on the brand of rugby union should be put together in emerging markets as well as in traditional ones. I shudder to think what might become of the game of Rugby Union in Africa if South Africa continues its slide down the world rankings.

The reputation of the game in South Africa should be used to spearhead the development of the game across our borders and this includes all the trappings of the professional world. The image of the game and the profitability of the global event can only grow if the popularity of the game does as well. It might be that rugby is really like cricket in that it is played in lot’s of countries but only really played in a few. The English bid for the 2007 World Cup might just have been the right approach . The branding of the game amongst lesser nations so that the popularity of the game improves and with it so will the size of the money chest that is returned to the halls of the IRB in Dublin. 

The unfortunate reality is that the global event needs to return a certain profitability and if there are ongoing demands from the players for more money then it is not that surprising that the IRB is trying to pay out only what they need to. The players however do seem to have their act together and anybody who remembers the post 95 World Cup will remember that the players had a large part to play in taking the game professional. 

Currie Cup Team of the Week:





Johan Roets

Blue Bulls


Wylie Human 

Blue Bulls


Rudi Coetzee



Ettienne Botha

Blue Bulls


Anton Pitout



Derik Hougaard

Blue Bulls


Neil Powell



Anton Leonard

Blue Bulls


Kleinjan Tromp



Solly Tyibilika



Gerrie Britz



Danie Roussouw

Blue Bulls


CJ van der Linde



Lukas van Biljon



Guthro Steenkamp


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The Mind Boggles by Vinesh Naicker
The previous week would have been a painful one for Straeuli, Krige and the Springboks. The despairing South African public have been quite bitter and vocal about their teams shortcomings. Perhaps the result of the game between the All Blacks and Wallabies would have gone some way towards appeasing the irate fans. Let’s face it any team that can put 50 points on the Australians in Australia has to be something special. When you look at the recent results the All Blacks have achieved you can see that of the five games played three of them have been 50 point thrashings. There is a bit of a gap opening up between France, England, NZ and the rest but South Africa and Australia still seem to be ahead of the rest of the pack. Still, this state of affairs is unacceptable for the supporters of a proud rugby nation such as South Africa as they have and would be for NZ so there will be justifiable concern about how that gap is to be closed. 

The All Blacks played so well in the weekend that it seems unfair to pick holes in their performance. It has been a while since they won a game in Sydney. At this stage it seems likely that the Bledisloe Cup will return to NZ, unless Eddie Jones is magician enough to turn around a 29 point deficit in three weeks. It is interesting to note that before Saturday Australians were pouring scorn on the idea that the current format of the Bledisloe Cup should be changed from a two test set-up. Despite the fact that they won the Cup in 1997 in a three test series, they ignored the difficulty for the challenger of winning two out of two games to regain the Cup. Now that it looks likely the Cup will be crossing the Tasman they are suddenly all for changing the format.

The only area of the game that was less than perfect on Saturday was the lineouts. Mealamu started off well but during the course of the game threw five “Olivers”. On the other side of the ledger, they did manage to snaffle four of the Wallabies lineout balls, with the best one being Jacks steal on the Australian five metre line which led to Rokocoko's third try.

Both teams started off nervously and it would have been a shock to the All Blacks when the first turnover they yielded to Waugh led to Burkes try against the run of play. It was good to see that Carlos held his nerve and kicked the first penalty attempt he was given.

The turning point of the game was definitely Wendell Sailors tackle on Mulaiana when he was up in the air. The foul was so blatant that the referee had no option but to send him off. If Sailor had even pretended he was going for the ball, or that he was trying to avoid taking out Mulaiana's legs then he probably would have remained on the field. The fact that Cannon was not binned for a similar infringement on Mulaiana a few minutes later was baffling and therefore it was only natural justice that Carter was not binned for the head high tackle he committed late in the second half.

The second challenge on Mulaiana was pretty cynical and if any team had done that to an Australian, especially to Larkham, then Eddie Jones would probably be writing to every referee involved in the World Cup to instruct them to watch out for foul play on his boys. The challenges didn’t seem to affect Mulaiana too much though; let’s face it a man who allegedly still urinates on the floor at the age of 22 doesn’t learn lifes lessons too quickly.

Mulaiana has been the quiet achiever in the last few games. Against the Wallabies he showed composure at fullback, fearless under the high ball, continually running the ball back at pace, driving into tackles and setting the ball up well for a quick ruck. He also put in one or two good clearing kicks. I’m a fan of Cullen but I have to admit that Mulaiana seems to have the pace of Cullen allied to the solidity of MacDonald. Based on current form Mulaiana is a better World Cup prospect than eit her of them.

Marshall had an adequate day at halfback; I agree with a lot of people that Kelleher would have offered all the physical attributes of Marshall allied to a vastly superior pass but Mitchell seems to have chosen Marshall because of his relationship and understanding of Thorne, McCaw and Jack. Anyway he’s in team and so will be able to challenge again for the World Championship.

It is now becoming obvious that the inclusion of such different players as Marshall and Devine, Hammett and Mealamu, Williams and Thorn, Collins and So’oialo, Mulaiana and Blair means that Mitchell has the ability to change the All Black game plan from an attacking speed-based approach, to a solid defensive power-based game. Not only can he now change this smoothly from week to week, but also from one half of the game to the next. For the last few years All Black supporters have been complaining that the All Blacks don’t have a Plan B. Now it looks like they do.

To me the greatest thing that came out of Saturday night was not that the Wallabies were comprehensively thrashed but that Mitchell and the players gave the impression that the “journey” is a long way from over and there is still progress to be made. If the current amount of progress is a benchmark then the mind boggles at how good this team will be at the end of the World Cup.

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But it's not how many Tests you play ... it's always the next one you play that's important.     Tana Umaga

You tend to learn more about your game when you lose.    Bill Young

I have played against all the leading Australian and New Zealand players in the Super 12, and while I respect them, I have lost my admiration for them.    Jorrie Muller

After four weeks waiting for them it boils down to nothing. From my point of view I see it as very unprofessional and very disappointing. I still don't know why I didn't get a fair chance.     Jake Boer on not being given a chance to play for the Springboks

Rugby isn't our game . . . we'll always court defeat if we play New Zealanders.     Herald editorial writer in 1884

We may be small, isolated, lonely and not very confident but by God we bow to nobody when it comes to rugby. All Black Chris Laidlaw

You know, when you actually opened up the cupboard in 1979 to put the Bledisloe in there for the first time in 30 years, three Japanese prisoners of war jumped out!     Stu Wilson

It is impossible to win every match you play but, win or lose, there are two types of player in this world: those who know they can win, and those who think they might win (those who think they might lose already have).  Joe Roff

It is not my job to motivate the players after last week's performance, if they can't motivate themselves after
that then they shouldn't be here.     Rudolf Straeuli

As for the World Cup, sure we'll hack it with Ireland and Argentina. Maybe we'll even hack it with South Africa. But we won't hack it with New Zealand, England and France the way we are going.      Bob Dwyer

Sometimes it's better to be not coached than badly coached.      Alan Jones

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Letters to the Editor
Hi Lucas

Brilliantly pathetic

In Afrikaans there are two sayings that I learnt rather late in life but are apt at this stage of SA Rugby - "As jy dom is gaan jy sukkel" - and RS "het die klok hoor lui, maar hy weet nie waar die bel hang nie." I had my doubts after the win on 12 July and waited for 19 July to make comment. I have now waited until after 26 July to make some unemotional comment.

I was fortunate in that I was invited by a supplier to lunch and a talk before the test against Aus. The speaker - Jake White - BRILLIANT - started off with 4 positives, one being a home test @ Newlands and 432 negatives. That was the only time he used the words in a negative manner, he then went on to give a technical break down of what we as supports should be looking at. Hence my reserving comment until now. The tests against the Scots and Puma's we were very fortunate. The test against the A us was a fluke and against the AB's we were once again lucky not to have had 71 points against us as one of your readers stated.

Secondly, I also agree with one of your other readers who mentioned that the only thing professional about SA Rugby are the pay packets they get. I here include the hierarchy.

Thirdly, I stated a couple of months ago that we will be lucky to reach the semi-finals at RWC '03, I am now in no doubt that we will not make it. We may win one of our pool games (Georgia), the other I am afraid I now have my doubts.

Fourthly, we are going to get such a huge AAK (attitude adjustment klap) in the two return tri-nations matches that RS will have to see the light and maybe SARFU as well. (Please may I eat my words) Maybe as supporters we should buy each one of the executive the book by Bob Garratt "The Fish Rots from the Head", they may get the message, then again they are there for their ego's and not the game.

Fifthly, I agree Claire Johnson is brilliant.

Have a good one

Hi Lucas,

RE: Bokke just not the same

Having just recently become a father, my wife and my sleeping patterns have become increasingly unsynchronised, and it was on such an occasion that I decided to go through my collection of video tapes to look for something entertaining. I popped the first tape in and pressed play, only to be greeted with the wonderful sight of the Bokke engaged in battle with the All Blacks (King's Park, 2002). I watched for 20 minutes and was absolutely captivated. 

Every time our scrumhalf cleared the ball, the crowd roared in approval: Neil de Kock's service was lightning quick, Pretorius was running onto the ball at pace and every time the backs touched the ball, my heart leapt in anticipation of what might happen ... and suddenly Joe van Niekerk entered the picture, dummying Justin Marshall ... and Bobby dancing around the opposition, flipping little inside passes. 

Not once did I feel nervous or desperate (granted, I knew the result of the game anyway). In fact, I felt so excited because here was a team without excess baggage and veterans chosen for their "experience". Sure Dalton & Willie Meyer were there, but you need those tough-as-nails chaps to give the All Blacks a hard time. The defence was not great, but the backline was so young and with a few more games together would have understood each other so much better.

I realised then that the Bokke that had their noses bloodied last weekend are not actually that bad. The guys are actually trying really hard, but they are just not the correct guys: 

1-5: The tight-five are strong and mighty, but where is somebody like van Biljon or Geo Cronje to give them grunt.

6-8: The loosies are also okay but don't have any flair (except potentially for Juan Smith). We actually do need Big Joe or Bobby to inject some life into them.

9: Once the ball is in Joost's sight, all momentum is lost: "Come-on okes, get behind me ... ja, you too, Marius. No don't look at me like that, I'm much older than you and I'll come on over and give you a fat snot-klap if
you're ... oh, sorry Louis, here's the ball!" Where is Neil de Kock? Don't the coaches see how quick he is? Neil would easily match Devine.

10: Louis kicks well ... but so does Andre Pretorius! Louis has done what has been required of him, but nothing more. He's okay, but not brilliant.

11,14: Well done, Ashwin. You made the All Black's defence look silly. Stefan, make way for Anton Pitout, who plays his heart out every game and not just during the Anthem.

12,13: With Marius back, and Bobo in the wings, this is potentially devastating. Keep it that way.

15: Brent is magnificent! Even Cullen had a few shockers! But Jaco deserves to be given another chance as soon as the injury bogey leaves him alone for just one season.

Just a few thoughts, but hope that with just 2 or 3 selection changes, the Bokke can be mighty once again.

Thanks for the news-letter!
Philip, PE

Hi Lucas.


Sorrie man! Ek het nou eers herstel van die skok. Ek het my voor die All Black toets voorgeneem om dadelik te skryf as die eindfluitjie blaas. Maar met die skandes wat daar in Pretoria gemaak is, was ek so geskok dat ek nie my kompeuter kon aanskakel nie. Sorrie hoor. Ek het nou net deur RF Week 25 gelees. Dis baie interesant om te sien wat die manne te sê het. Ek dink ek het 'n paar antwoorde.

Eerste probleem is die ou manne. Ek stem. Sit hulle op pensioen. My oorle vader het 'n troppie springbokkies op die plaas gehad toe ek sommer nog 'n laaitie was. Elke jaar is die ou ramme uit die troppie verstoot en ons het van hulle biltong gemaak. Dalk moet die ou manne nou maar ook verstoot word. Helde word die beste onthou as hulle op hul kruin padgee, daarna onthou almal net die laaste swak wedstryd of glad nie.

Om met Russel voort te voeter, veral op nommer 10, sal net moeilikheid soek wees. Brent Russel is 'n briljante 7's speler. Hy hoort nie in die 15-man spel nie. Dink 'n bietjie terug aan die proewe van 2002 - Brent het op die veldgekom toe al die spelers al gedaan gespook was om die keurders te beïndruk. Woeps, waps druk hy 2 fantasiese drieë en SA, ék inkluis, is mal oor die seun. Enige ou wat sy vaart het sou daardie drieë gedruk het! Ek het hom op George gesien in 7's. BRILJANT!!! In díe soort spel is daar gate waar 'n ossewa in kan draai, in 15-man rugby nie. Deesdae se spelontleders en die toerusting wat hulle gebruik, maak dit moontlik om elke speler se bewegings te bestudeer. Ek het net 'n TV en gewone "VCR" en ek kan vir jou sê, as Brent die bal kry gaan hy na regs, soek 'n gaping, as hy een kry is hy weg, so nie gee hy die bal vir 'n ou op die kantlyn en ons verloor besit. KLAAR. Die volgende probleem is, as hy nommer 10 dra sal groot manne soos Williams en Finegan juis in sy kannaal storm. Wa t dan???

Om 10-man rugby te speel sal ook nie die oplossing wees nie. Onthou, die vories speel ook teen wêreld-agttalle. Hulle doen alles en word ook moeg. Na 30 of 50 minute kan hulle nie meer nie. Wat dan? Nee, ons moet 'n agterlyn hê wat nog kan onthou wat hulle by hul onder 9 afrigters geleer het. "Druk opsit, manne! Druk opsit!" Hoe sit mens druk op? Maklik, jy sorg dat jou onmiddelike teenstander met die bal, onmiddelik onderstof geloop word; jy sorg dat jy by die landingsplek kom van elke bal wat veld- af geskop word, sodra die bal land; jy hou die teenstander só aan die raai wanneer jy aanval, dat hulle nie weet wie of waar om te keer nie. (Iewers het daar in SA-rugby iemand begin dink dis oulik om helse lang aangeë te pass. Onderskeppings! Waar is die gate? Net hier om die baldraer. "In diepte aanval" noem ouens wat weet, dit.)

Moet Dolfie voortgaan? Almal vertel skielik hoe dom hy is! Mense, onthou julle hoe gelukkig en bly was ons toe hy aangestel is? Onthou julle hoe lekker het ons gekry toe Harry (Ptter) Viljoen skielik bedank het? Onthou julle hoe lekker ons gekry het toe Dolfie aankondig, "Back to basics"? Waarom nou skielik teen hom draai? Omdat die spelers hom drop? Dis mos nie regverdig nie. Dis die spelers wat nie 'druk opsit' nie, nie Dolfie nie! Nee manne, ons kan mos nou nie staan en omdraai op ons woorde nie. Almal speel keurder en gaan kyk maar na die stukikes papier waarop jy jou span neergeskryf het. Verskil dit veel van die keurders s'n? Indien nie, my vriend, dan sal jou span jou netso drop soos Dolfie gedrop word.

Aan mnr Koos Carelse wil ek net sê, "Neef, al die "F-woorde" in die HAT sal nie help nie. Hou maar die taal skoon asseblief. Jy weet daar is kindertjies en vrouens en mans wat jou karakter lees in sulke briewe. Dankie Vriend"

Laastens op die vraag: "Waarheen nou?" is die antwoord baie maklik. Terug na die begin - 1652 toe. Destyds was daar nog nie so iets soos rugby nie. Gelukkig het ons nou 'n bietjie voorkennis en as ons daarop bou, sal dit vorentoe net beter gaan, want dit kan wragtig nie slegter nie.

Kom ons ondersteun maar nog die sport. Dis ons mense, ons sport en niemand het dit ooit geskryf dat Suid-Afrika nie mag slae kry nie. Ek weet dis seer, maar onthou, dis die sterker man wat opstaan nadat hy geval het. Ons het geval (gefaal) moenie nou bly lê deur nie meerjou ondersteuning te gee nie. Staan op! Vat dit sos 'n man en kyk net hoe sterk sal ons almal anderkant uitkom.

Dankie Lucas vir 'n interesante RF en 'n lekker geselsie.
Kys de Wet. 

Hi Lucas

Ok maar geen geluk gehad nie..

Nadat die teleurstelling verwerk is en mens met 'n koeler hoof na die video van voorverlede Saterdag se toets teen die All Blacks gekyk het, lyk dinge darem nie heeltemal so donker nie. Jy kan dit noem "die spring van die bal", "50/50 beslissings", "slegte geluk", of wat ook al, maar alles wat vir die Bokke verkeerd kon loop op die dag, hét. Om net 'n paar te noem:

* Minstens vyf vorentoe-aangeë deur die All Blacks is deur die wedstrydbeamptes oorgesien;
* Minstens drie gevaarlike hoogvatte deur die All Blacks het ongestraf gebly (die skeidsregter het op 'n stadium aan die kaptein gesê daar was in een beweging twee "marginale" hoogvatte, maar dit nogtans nie gepenaliseer nie);
* Jerry Collins lê blatant onkant, wend geen poging aan om weg te rol nie en verhoed dat die bal aan die Bokke se kant uitkom; toe Corné Krige hom probeer uit die pad trap, word die Springbok-kaptein eerder gestraf (en - die mees onsinnige van alles - toe sê die skeidsregter nogal dat hy die situasie sal hanteer... maar hy het nie!);
* Kort daarna, met die Bokke op die aanval, word Corné weer gepenaliseer nadat hy die verdediger was en bloot net sy grond gestaan het by die doodvat... geen manier wat hy onkant was nie;
* Brent Russell se aanslaan met die oopste van doellyne voor hom;
* Stephan Terblanche wat die bal laat val in sy duikslag oor die doellyn;
* Die patroon is reeds by die heel eerste afskop bepaal, toe Ali Williams die bal aangeslaan het, maar die skeidsregter net die daaropvolgende aanslaan deur die Bokke raakgesien het.

Hierdie is alles goed wat op 'n ander dag presies op die teenoorgestelde manier kon uitgewerk het.

Hier gee ek krediet aan beide kaptein Reuben Thorne en die slot Chris Jack wat in onderhoude na die wedstryd erken het dat alles eenvoudig op die dag reg verloop het vir hulle. In Jack se woorde: "It was just amazing!"

Tja. So gaan dit maar. Soos u een korrespondent in die vorige uitgawe tereg opgemerk het: "In daardie foutvolle (eerste) halfuur het die Bokke (al) die speelwerk gedoen en die All Blacks het die punte gevat." 

Maar die Bokke sal ook weer opstaan en op 'n ander dag loop dinge weer net reg vir hulle. Hopelik is dit in die Wêreldbeker-toernooi...!


Hi Lucas

Ja, swaer ...........wat 'n gemors.

Sê ek nog steeds die wen teen die Wallabies was 'n "poks". Maar eintlik het ons nie te sleg gedoen nie. Om met 8 man teen 15 te speel, behoort die telling die All-Blaks te vlei. Hoekom ek so stelling maak? Wel, kom ons wees nou maar eerlik, behalwe die 8 voorspelers was daar niemand anders op die veld nie.

Die regte optrede sou gewees het dat die voorspelers die agterlyn na die wedstryd 'n pakslae van hulle lewe moes gegee het. Verskonings is aan die orde van die dag, maar die feit is, daar is 'n onding in ons rugby wat so spoedig as moontlik opgespoor en uitgeroei moet word. Ek ondersteun Hennie le Roux se voorstel van 'n ondersoek, die vraag is net wie sal aangewys word om dit te doen, en hoe lank gaan dit neem voor dit ter tafel gelê gaan word. Intussen ploeter ons voort in die modder. Ek wil graag weet waarom Dries Scholtz ge"hok" word. Dit lyk al hoe meer na rugby"politiek" wat weereens besig is om van ons geliefde sport 'n bespotting te maak.

Na elke verloor is daar hordes verskonings, en die publiek sluk nie meer daaraan nie. Elke keer is daar 'n plan, maar niemand sien iets gebeur nie. Almal wil span kies, en hoe provinsialisties is dit nie. Sien ek weereens die 1974 Britse Leeus voor my geestesoog. Wat 'n mislukking was ons nie toe nie. Sedert die '95 Wêreldbeker die '98 Drienasie en '99 se Wêreldbeker, waar ons ons regtig ons krag op die rugbyveld gewys ? Laat jou regtig wonder of die besluite wat geneem word, die papier werd is waarop die manne skryf. Baie geluk aan die volgende skole wat onlangs hier vanuit die Platteland die Bloubul finale gewen het : Kleinskole :
Warmbad Hoër 0/14 en 0/15, asook Eric Louw (Messina) 1 stes. Mediumskole :

Frans du Toit (Phalaborwa ) 0/14, 0/15, 0/16 en 1 ste spanne. Miskien moet Dolfie en sy geleerde vriende hier in die Noorde kom soek na aspirant-Springbokke.

Das Villoen

Hi Lucas.

WP se patetiese spel

Met die Aus versus AB's game het ek weereens besef dat die AB's ons en die Aussies strate voor is. Met die game tussen die Bulls en die WP, moes ek my kop in skaamte laat sak. Die hele WP agterlyn met die uitsondering van Neil de Kock was pateties. Die bewegings en skoppies swak en doelloos. Die WP moes veg vir hulle driee terwyl die Bulle het sonder inspanning driee teen die WP ingeryg het. Roets en Hougaard was briljant en Hougaard het die spel sonder moeite gedikteer. Die Wp senters het nie eens probeer tackle nie. Daar was net 'n verskriklike groot gat in die verdediging. Die plaaslike hoerskool o/19 spannetjies behoort die WP te kan wen. Dit is of een van drie dinge, of die WP span het glad nie probeer en met trots gespeel nie, of hulle vermoens is so dat hulle nie in die WP span hoort nie, of die Bulls agterlyn is so briljant dat hulle almal in die Bok span hoort. Ek glo in ieder geval dat Hougaard en Roets in die Bok span hoort.

'n Baie terleurgestelde WP ondersteuner.

Marius Stegmann

Hi Lucas,

Dankie weereens vir jou rugby forum en almal se insette aangaande die bokke se vertoning ens. Wat my egter rooi innie kraag maak is die feit dat daar geensins van enige Vrystaat speler gepraat word as n moontlike plaasvervanger in die bokspan nie....allamagtig mense....haal die skille van julle ogies af en sien werklike goeie spelers in die Vrystaat ook raak....ek gaan nie eers name noem nie , want daar is te veel om op te noem. Dit lyk vir my..en ek sien ons een oog vriend Koos Carelse se verbeeldi ng strek ook maar nie te ver nie.....sy visie..asook die van al ons keurders en SARVU lede het gaan stil staan daar by die noorde.....iewers in die verlate suide waar die WP geen benul meer het van rugby speel nie....die Goue Leeus wat maar so aanpor op een silinder en dan die Blou Bulle wat so af en toe goeie rugby speel.....wie kan onthou waar hulle verlede jaar was toe al wat n Blou Bul ondersteuner hulle wou kruisig het en wegbly van Loftus af....hmmmmmmmmmm.....die geheue is ook maar kort sien ek.... Dan sien ek verlede Saterdag die Cheetahs teen die Griekwas.....manne was dit nou n plesier om daai Wit Tornado die bal so te sien rondgooi en driee druk....iets wat ou Rudolfie tog aan sy bok manne kan vertel.....laat die bal die werk doen boys.....en los daai tierlantytjie vir sirkus narre..!!...Wie het gesien hoe n senter soos J.P du Toit (familie van Pikkie du Toit van jare te vore vir Vrystaat) soos n mes deur botter by die hoog aange skrewe "ex" Blou Bul senter sny...nie een maal nie...maar menigmale......J.P du Toit het vir Dries Scholtz soos n "learner" senter laat lyk op die dag se spel.....maar die koerante en verslaggewers hou aan neuk om hom innie span te skryf....!!..Manne ...haal daai blinddoeke van julle ogies af...verbreed julle visie daar na die vlaktes vannie Vrystaat toe...asook sy bure..en miskien sal ons rugby weer tot reg kom as die regte manne gekies word....manne wat dinge op vol spoed wil en kan doen....en wat rugby flair het.....soos die Cheetahs..!!

Vriendelike groete hieruit Natal.


Hi Lucas,

Goed, vrot en sleg?

Die soortgelyke pak slae wat die Aussies ook op die lyf geloop het teen N.S. het baie menings, baie daarvan dieselfde, die lig laat sien. Een is dat die All Blacks nou skielik baie goed is, en hierteen kan moeilik gestry word. 'n Tweede is dat ons en die OZ ewe bleddie vrot is, en 'n mens moet amper gelyk gee en saamstem. So kan ons aangaan en 'n legio van redes en menings aanvoer oor die krag van die twee sleg verloorders. Een ding wat soos 'n paal bo water staan is dat beide se game-plan in die sto f gebyt het, en daar was baie ooreenkomste tussen die twee lotte se powere poginkies en benadering.

Nommer een, twee en drie, die bl*ksems het nie ge-tackle nie, en met hulle flouerige pogings om die A.B.'s onder druk te sit en al die tyd en ruimte in die wereld op 'n skinkbord te gee, het hulle selfmoord gepleeg.

Ek dink die A.B.'s is 'n uitstaande span, maar nie onoorwinlik nie. Hulle buit foute baie goed uit en vat die bal baie vinnig weg van die heavy traffic af. Hulle het ook baie vernuftige spelers. Ek wonder net hoe hulle dit gaan hanteer as daar met mening geskrum, gedryf en ge-tackle word en die teenstander meer konsewatief speel en sy foute tot die minimum beperk. Behoort interessant te wees om te sien.

Laastens wonder ek so by myself, hoe de d*nner het Gus Theron skielik Springbokmateriaal geword? Dalk nes Trevor Hallstead?

Of is ons standaard nou op so 'n laagtepunt, en ons desperaat word. Oor Jorrie Muller wil ek ook nie te veel sê nie. Indien hulle, en ons weet wie HULLE is, 'n hele klomp ondergemiddelde spelers en kroks kon saamvat Down-under, dan kon hulle maar vir Bob Skinstad ook saamgevat het. Hy bied meer en het meer vaardighede as 'n hele klomp van die lot saam.

Koos Carelse

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