Editors Note


Volume 3, Week 31

Editors Note

Brilliant!          It is only “30 days to go!” according to a SA Rugby advertisement in my local morning newspaper and with all the caterwauling of late on the front page, back page, editorials and letters I was not too sure what the period signified. Then it hit me, the Rugby World Cup in Australia… the small matter of regaining ole Bill.

Talking about Australia, the ad and its placement on the page or layout as they say made me think for a moment because there nestled next to the small reminder of the third biggest sporting event was a “SPICY SMS for adults only” ad. I thought to myself, “Myself, if only we had to contend with that kind of Springeresque claptrap the Ausie media have in the escapades of one Shane Warne.” Imagine, J9 is accused of sending “dirty” SMS’s to some Brisbane housewife he met on tour with the Bulls… skande! Amor is all peeved and the two take off to some secret venue to sell the story to the You, Huisgenoot , Rapport and Sunday Times… Bliss in comparison with the very serious matters facing SA Rugby in a country not yet a decade old in democracy.

Anyway, let us concern ourselves with rugby not politics even though the two have tangoed since the beginning of time. The Currie Cup is turning into a tough and close competition where apart from the Sharks, who are edging away; there are three teams in contention for the second spot. The traditional strengths of SA rugby are represented through WP, Blue Bulls and the Lions, the only concern is the Cheetahs, the best nursery of young SA rugby talent. Although the men from the Free State played a very tough and uncompromising game against the Sharks, the reality is they have played 7, lost 4, won 2 and a draw. The old cliché may be that a strong WP and Blue Bulls side signifies a strong national side but of late the Cheetahs was known as the team to unearth the gems for the other provinces. Is the well drying up?

The England 1st XV gave the French 2nd VX a good klap over the weekend and after the home and away series, the strength of the Roses is a given fact sort of like a skeleton in a politician’s closet. Clive Woodward, the most senior coach in international rugby has set some impressive standards and the pressure on him and his charges will quadruple in the remaining 30 days to live up to their favourite billing. The squad selected is well balanced although maybe a bit on the old side but the mission is clear, win the Cup – there are no building or future considerations in his selection. A previous RWC “darling” makes a belated return to the squad, one Mike Catt or better known as the guy over which big Jonah steamrollered for his famous try at Newlands in 1995. Now Catt is no mug and regardless of South African feelings towards one of the first “traitors” it will be good to see him play in his 3rd RWC, which is no mean feat. That makes South Africa the most represented team at the competition...

Last week I stumbled into a bookshop and there was an autobiography on Gareth Edwards, the brilliant Lions and Wales scrumhalf of yesteryear written in the late seventies. I bought the book and settled down to a very enjoyable read by one of the best ever players to grace the wonderful game of rugby. It also helped remind me what it is I love about rugby, not the politics and BS but the great feats, the great characters and the great players that make the game. One of the strange facts he mentioned, and I subsequently investigated was the total dominance of Wales over England during his tenure. Gar, played 53 consecutive test matches for Wales, 12 against England and only lost once… if ever the Springboks needed a consultant…

Enjoy the weekend’s huge clash at Newlands, the old North/South rivalry between the Blue Bulls and WP spiced up, unnecessary I might add, with the Geo/Davids confrontation.

See you at the game!



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A Little Sensibility by Desmond Organ
If only Jerry Springer knew about Springbok rugby; we would be treated to a host of episodes portraying us as rough, rugged and politically naïve. If the events of the past fortnight are anything to go by they highlight one simple fact. The core of the game in South Africa is rotten and until something is done about it the charade will surely continue.

There have been so many accusations and counter accusations that many have lost sight of the real issues that are paralyzing the game. Those issues are things such as inept administration and inept handling of allegations of racism. If anybody in South Africa believed that there was no longer a living evil underneath the glossy coat of paint; they have been brought back to reality with an almighty thump. The issue of transformation appears to be nothing more than a numbers game that is played out at every level of the game.

It reminds me of the early days of affirmative action in South Africa when the number of blacks or people of colour in important positions was more important than actually changing the status quo. Rugby it seems is destined to follow down the same path and I can only think that the Minister of Sport is relishing the opportunity to haul the game through a comprehensive process of exposing all the inequalities that still exist, why else would he welcome the opportunity to investigate all the way to s choolboy level.

In many ways schoolboy rugby is the one area that has avoided the close attention of the government, well no longer is that going to be the case and if the model of the past is followed we are going to see the introduction of quotas at the schoolboy level as well. That does not necessarily mean that the game is going to fall apart, far from it as there are probably more chances of removing prejudice amongst the young than there are of removing it from people who have grown up believing that prejudi ce is an acceptable behaviour.

My only hope is that in the process of investigating rugby, the authorities do their utmost to expose not only the prejudice that exists but also expose administrative irregularities that have occurred in the process of reaching certain numbers. There are enough ghosts in the closet from the current set up to write a novel and with the process must come a realization that those in control at the time that the events took place are ultimately responsible.

That means that the CEO of both the professional arm of the game and the CEO of the amateur form of the game need to be accountable for the apparent failure to remove prejudice from the game, it is they that earn the large salaries and it is they that lead the teams that ultimately implement policy at all levels of the game. The hastily organized King Commission was an exercise in fatality because as soon as people feared for their futures there was only one outcome and that is the legalization of the whole process.

The fact that they called it a fact finding exercise is laughable because to any person schooled in the law it was an enquiry based on investigating certain behaviours deemed to be unacceptable, from that moment it became a legal exercise that could never have been completed before the World Cup. For that reason alone one has to commend the Minister and his rugby colleagues for bringing a halt to the proceedings.

Currie Cup Team of the Week





Gaffie Du Toit



John Daniels



Andre Snyman



Jean De Villiers



Henno Mentz



Marius Goosen



Craig Davidson



Nico Breedt



Pedrie Wannenberg

Blue Bulls


Solly Tyibilika



Geo Cronje

Blue Bulls


Fergus Pringle



Brendan Botha



Gary Botha

Blue Bulls


Os Du Randt


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 More Than Rugby Pride at Stake by Vinesh Naicker
The rugby games in the NPC first division this year have been pretty close. For example, Canterbury has been far from the dominant team it has been in the past and Auckland, who are the defending champions, are really struggling at the moment with three losses from the four games played to date.

In fact, the general skill level on show in the NPC this year has been disappointing. The Auckland backline, with the loss of their All Black players, looks really disjointed. It really made me wonder what the effect of the player drain has been on NZ rugby. We all talk about the player drain and the fact that the average of players in the Super 12 and the NPC is dropping every year. The loss of the 22 players who made up the All Blacks Tri-Nations team has had such a profound effect on the gam e, that I wonder how good the standard of play would be if the 100+ fringe players who have left to ply their trade in Europe had stayed.

Most of the players who are on the fringe of All Black selection but aren’t likely to make it leave and go overseas, as they also do in South Africa. Also the players whose All Black careers have come to an end tend to go to Europe for a few years before they retire. If and when these players do come back to NZ they rarely play club football let alone for their province.

We tend to think that the game is still strong in NZ, but how much stronger would it be if those players had remained. From what I have seen in this years NPC the standard of rugby would be much higher.

The main reason that players leave is money, and who can blame them. The amount of money that a player can make in Europe is much greater than the money they can make here, even if they are in the All Black squad. The majority of All Blacks remain in NZ because of the pride they have in representing the jersey and their country, not because of the money.

For NZ to continue to retain as many players as they can in the country, and to thus grow the roots of the game, the NZRFU has to provide more money to the provincial unions to hang on to these players. Winning the World Cup this year is vital to these aspirations.

In order to increase the monies that they receive, the NZRFU needs to obtain a share of the gate takings from games that the All Blacks play overseas. A simple example of the disparity in revenue can be illustrated by comparing the earnings from a game between England and NZ. At either Eden Park or Twickenham a game against the All Blacks will fill the stadium. The stadium capacity at Eden Park is 40,000. If you assume that the average price of a ticket is $1 then the total gate takings are $40 ,000. In comparison the stadium at Twickenham has a capacity of 100,000. Assuming ticket prices of £1 and using the exchange rate of $NZ3=£1 then the gate takings are $300,000 or 7.5 times greater than the revenue earned in NZ. A similar argument holds for a game at the Millennium Stadium.

The ability of the NZRFU to negotiate a portion of the gate takings is greatly enhanced if the All Blacks are the reigning world champions. They can offer to play more tests against the northern hemisphere teams if they share the gate takings, or agree to play fewer or no games if there is no sharing. In theory the overall income of both unions should increase, as countries like Wales currently struggle to fill their stadium for test matches. Against the All Blacks you could guarantee the stadi um would be filled.

To be consistent, the NZRFU will of course have to split gate takings for tests played in NZ. Once the principal of sharing gate takings is established, countries such as Samoa, Tonga and Canada can benefit greatly by touring NZ, Australia and Europe as their respective revenues will increase in a similar manner.

The same arguments can be made for the Springboks winning the World Cup, although I question SARFU's desire and ability to push the same agenda.

Thus, it seems that more than rugby pride is at stake for South Africa and NZ in the coming World Cup, the long term health of the game in both countries is also at stake. 

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The situation "is causing damage to rugby and Sarfu needs to sort itself out.     Michael Farr, SAB spokesperson

Mr Nkanunu is rated more highly internationally than he is in South Africa. He commands huge respect at the International Rugby Board and serves on their executive, which consists of only five people.     SARFU CEO Mveleli Ncula

Sometimes it's a question of misunderstanding because of cultural differences and cultural differences are mis-interpreted as racism.     Corné Krige

Keohane is trying to look like an angel now.      Corné Krige

Throw in the fact that he is the fiercest tackling fly-half the game has seen.      Stuart Barnes on Jonny Wilkinson, conveniently forgetting H. Honiball.

Straeuli asked me last Friday morning, when he accused me of leaking the story, if I felt he was a racist. I answered 'no'. But I told him he was culturally much too close to the incident and it had clouded his judgment. Mark Keohane

What we're trying to do is eliminate as much of the "if onlys" and give this group of players every chance of winning, and I think that's what we've done. It's not just myself, it's the whole game that is supporting this team. Clive Woodward

I am the one who makes the decisions about who gets hired and fired in SA Rugby.     Rian Oberholzer, (time to own up then?)

I'm just carrying on with the job . . . I've got nothing to hide. In any team I coach, I handle things fairly. I don't accept racism, I wouldn't allow it and would deal with it. I hope the answers come out.       Rudolf Straeuli

Rian told me if there was evidence of a biter in their team he would out him. And now that Keohane's claims have been dumped in the public arena I'm duly obliged to ask the question.       John O'Neill

Let's get one thing straight, I am a bas'tard when it comes to racism. Let me state it here today - rugby will never be 'business as usual' again.         Ngconde Balfour

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Letters to the Editor
Hi Lucas

It has been a while since I last wrote you, mainly because everything that was going on was just a repetition of the past, or nothing was significant enough (kind of light the Bok game plan). Now, what do we have here, today? A month before RWC 2003, the middle of a very intense Currie Cup (an indication that strength to strength works), and YES, the BOKS have done it!. They found a way to turn our nation heads from Big Brother Africa and Pop Idols to another reality show, "Inside the Bok camp: What really happened?". One good thing and one bad thing came of it. 

The good thing: The Boks now have the nation's attention. Two weeks in a row the cover story on the Sunday newspapers, and there is still a month to go before Perth. If it had to take Boer vs. Capy conflict to get Madiba's attention like in '95, well then be it. 

The bad thing: Even the housewives now know that Straeuli had to pick 6 kwota players, even if they were not the best we have. 4 Hookers? 5 Fullbacks? And IF.....big IF...... we are going to play defensive, kicking, up and under, chase, tackle like devils blah blah, I hope little Breyten Paulse and Ricardo Laubscher will make it their life to tackle the hell out of Rocokoco and Howlett, cause they were chosen, not Jaco vd Westhuyzen, not Jean de Villiers, they were chosen, to go. The mirror image of Africa. If it is politically fair, why do we never have a kwota ratio in Bafana Bafana, like at least 3 white guys. I mean, I do not want to start a war in South Africa, I love the free democratic system. Freedom of Speech (except racism) etc. I had a family member that was raped last year, by three black guys (judged by the colour of their skin). They didn't keep her car or cellphone. They just did it because of her race (judged by the colour of her skin). Unfortunately, the story did not reach the Sunday newspapers, nor were the three guys charged with R500 000 each (they are not rugby stars). I don't know the details of the verdict, but they are back on the street right now. Maybe there is a difference between race and cultural conflict. I will never sleep with an Eskimo in the same room, just because he will leave the aircon on extreme freeze, and I do not want to catch a cold before practice the next day. There is also some boere I will be scared to share a room with, and some cape gangsters. But for a million rand, I will share a room with Mugabe. If Cronje couldn't think that far ahead, I think it is for the best, considering he might forget the game plan during a match..... 

In short, if you ask me, I think the compulsory kwota system was the culprit of the day. I can remember reading in the papers last year that the government told Straeuli that he can take the best players to RWC 2003, regardless of their race. Now it is a different ball game altogether.

For the Boks, I wish that they learn to tackle as hell, and Hougaard will do the rest. HUUUGGGEE TIP!!! If the Boks are going to chasers from kick behind pack, best beware: Go watch the tapes!! All Blacks, Australia and England always pass the ball to the middle of the field after catching a ball from the air. That means the ball chasers are running towards the wrong guy. With the All blacks, Carlos Spencer is always the guy in the middle of the field, starting the counter. C'mon, that's not too difficult to notice. All the best of luck Boks.

Let us focus on an exciting Currie Cup for now. 

Herman, Pretoria

Hi Lucas


I have begun to realise that as many people as there are willing and desperate for the Bokke to return to their rightful place at the top, there are as many directly opposed. "A house divided cannot stand" it has been written and just when we feel unity might be returning, our friend Mark "I'll double-cross myself if I bloody have to" Keohane twists the dagger deeper into the heart of every supporter worldwide. Their might well be racism within the Bok camp, but whether we'll ever know is something only time will tell.

What is certain is that South African's need to stop being so bloody over-sensistive. For example, this comment about Zondeki: Zondeki is not a great bowler at all! In fact, he inspires the same amount of confidence as David Terbrugge or Andre Nel: no spark, charging in like freight-train but loses all his steam once he reaches the crease. Pointing out the fact that Zondeki is not a great bowler (at this stage) does not constitute racism.

Another thing: this quota system! What are the quotas based upon? Thumb-suck figures? A National Sports team can never be demographically representative of the general population, but should inevitably reflect the rugby-playing population only!

It is time that we started standing up for what is right. The fact that SARFU seems to love papering over cracks instead of repairing them is the very reason while Springbok pride is crumbling:

1. Corne "We don't concuss our own players" Krige: No one doubts his ability to play the game, but when you have the dirtiest game of your life broadcast across the world for all to see, it is time to think again.

2. Rob "in 80% of my games, I get carded. Cool hey?" Kempson. No comment. What he is still doing in SA is beyond me, especially when he had finally left in the first place!

3. Bakkies "Watch it or I'll scratch your eyes out after I've bitten you on the shoulder" Botha. Why?

4. Jannes "the next phase of the game was already in motion when I late-charged Jonny" Labuschagne. Why?

What happened to Andre Venter, Henry Honiball, Andre Vos etc... etc...? Those men always played fair, but always gave 110% and the opposition always knew about it afterwards.

The Bokke need a shake-up. It's just a pity that SARFU doesn't seem to think so. Where are the real leaders?

Philip. PE

Hi Lucas

The plot thickens as some dude or other said! Personally I don't care if they bring the Pope in to do an investigation into racialism and prejudice in SA rugby, unless its held in open session and televised to all it will be as believable as 'the cheque is in the mail or I won't...!' - and now little Rudi and precious Gideon have apologised so everything's just rosy and we'll all wait patiently until next year for Judge King to investigate. C'mon get real!

Oh! I thought Corne's strategy of getting the Media to ask their questions in front of the whole squad was brilliant, not because it intimidated the Media but for its subliminal intimidation of all the squad. All sports teams pay deference to the code: 'What happens on the field, stays on the field," and it applies to off-field tour groups as well. As I said, brilliant 'cos so many including the Media were immediately blindsided!

Seems to me there is a misconception, particularly by SARFU, of what changes with the introduction of professionalism in sport. Very simply the emphasis changes from the players being the most important entity of amateur sport, as they play it for the love of the game, to the supporters being the most important element in the professional game. Sad to say for the players but they are merely human cans of peas, some Choice Grade and some not. Their use is simply to be an ingredient in providing entertainment and in true gladiatorial style, blood and victory for the supporters. How they are developed, trained. coached or where they are plucked from, or whether they are sparkling personalities with model features is immaterial as long as they are marketable to the supporter base. Professional sport is all about eyes staring at TVs so brains may be induced into purchasing advertised products, or filling stadia seats and buying into the entire marketing hype aimed at them.

SARFU needs to undergo a fundamental change, which to their credit they did try by forming SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd. Sadly though the fundamental thinking developed from amateur days transferred as well. The result is that they are still bogged down with the thinking that all matters of controversy have to be kept in-house. Unfortunately that not longer suits the supporters who in this 'professional' era have become shareholders. Shareholders are entitled to openness and honesty, as well as having their questions welcomed and answered. Its time in fact for the shareholders to have a full seat or more on the board of SARFU and all the Unions and Super 12 franchises.

Storm Ferguson

Hi Lucas

Aan Colin v Rensburg,

Dank ons sterre jy is nie 'n springbokkeurder nie. Jy wil 'n toernooi binnegaan met manne soos Pieter Rossouw & Bolla Conradie ?!! Al ooit gehoor van Jaque Fourie, en Neil de Kock ? Dit irriteer my grensloos, as mense met duidelik bitter min kennis van ons rugby sulke snert skryf. Ons rugby staan tans voor enorme uitdagings, meerendeels agv beserings ( ek dink aan Russell, Pretorius, Marius Joubert, etc.) wat spankeuses bemoeilik, en natuurlik ook die hele rasse debakel, wat nie goed hanteer was nie. Ek wil net aan Colin se: desperaatheid, maak dinge net erger. Die span is nou gekies ( sonder Geo ), leef daarmee saam en ondersteun hulle, al hou jy nie van almal nie.


Hi Lucas

Net nadat ek my "posting" vir jou gestuur het, het ek gevoel ek is hopeloos te depress en te veroordelend teenoor die Bokke. Alhoewel die Bokke se bestuur en SARFU veel het om oor te antwoord en mooi so Corne, om aan te beveel dat julle as spelers voor die ander vrae gevra wil word oor rassisme in die span, mooi so! Riaan Oberholzer kan hier iets leer. Ek hoop stilweg van harte dat onse manne al die "geneuk" van rassisme sal opsy stoot en oefen vir die groot taak wat voorle. Ek glo eintlik dat die hele afrere 'n moedswillige en doelgerigte poging uit "sekere kringe" was om die Bokke te probeer ontspoor? Die bedanking van Mark Keohane met respek was die regte beweeging in die regte rigting. Hy praat van "prejudice"? Al wat ek hieroor kan se is "Hoor wie praat?" Gaan lees maar al sy vorige verslae en sien al die "prejudice" daarin? Hoe meer ek hoor wat by bv. die Wallabies aangaan en selfs by die AB's dan glo ek ons kan met die span hond haaraf maak. Solank die manne net fiks sal wees, stamina sal opbou dan kan ons maar al hierdie tierlantyntjies in rugby laat staan, die "basics" reg en sodoende bo uitkom.

Ek glo met my hele hart dat die span wat die BASICS in rugby gaan speel, wat fiks is en vir 80 minute die basics uitvoer sal wen. 

Warm Springbok groetnis hier uit 'n nat en koue Auckland.

Hi Lucas


Eendag, nie té lank, lank gelede nie, was daar 'n baie ambisieuse jong soutwolfie genaamd Hanie. Hanie was lief vir skryf, veral oor politiek, en gevolglik het hy aansoek gedoen vir 'n pos by die Rooi-oë. Ongelukkig was daar by die Rooi-oë net 'n vakature vir 'n rappie-skrywer en, hoewel Hanie nie veel van dié produk geweet het nie, het hy sy nuwe pos met entoesiasme getakel. Hanie was 'n vindingryke wolfie en hy het gou besef dat sensasie en omstredenheid verkoop. Daarom het hy altyd sy opskrift e sensasioneel gestel en gespesialiseer in kontroversiële beriggewing.

Nou, die soutwolf is 'n unieke spesie. Hy is naby verwant aan die rooiwolf, wat enkele eeue gelede uit Engeland ingevoer is na Suid-Afrika. Maar anders as die rooiwolwe van KwaZoeloe-Natal en Gauteng, wat hulle goed tuisgemaak het in hulle nuwe habitat, het die rooiwolwe wat in die skadu van Tafelberg gevestig is, nooit geassimileer met die ander wolwe van die land nie. Vanweë hierdie wanaanpassing het hulle ook anders begin optree en is hulle soutwolwe genoem om hulle te onderskei van ander rooiw olwe.

Hanie se sensasionele berigte het almal wat by die rappie-industrie betrokke was, vreeslik geïrrriteer. Veral diegene op die Bokplaas, waar die beste rappie vir die uitvoermark gekweek is. Die baas van die Bokplaas, Mnr Oreborsel, se mamma het egter geen gekke grootgemaak nie, en op een mooi dag besluit hy: "If you can't beat him, let him join you". Daar en dan maak hy toe vir wolf bokwagter, deur vir Hanie aan te stel om die Bokplaas se voorman by te staan met reklame vir rappie in die algemeen en die plaas in besonder.

Hanie was baie opgewonde, want dit het hom uiteindelik die geleentheid gebied om toegang tot die binne-inligting van die rappie-bedryf te kry. Hanie het verbasend goed oor die weg gekom met die voorman. Ongelukkig was daar 'n paar kwaai misoeste kort op mekaar, en die voorman is in die pad gesteek. Hanie het egter nie so goed oor die weg gekom met die nuwe voorman nie.

Hanie se vretende ambisie het tot gevolg gehad dat die taak van reklamebestuurder vir die Bokplaas hom nie genoeg werksbevrediging gebied het nie, en hy het veral verlang na die dae van sensasie en omstredenheid. So het hy in die stilligheid 'n boek begin skrywe oor een van die voormalige inwoners van die plaas, 'n bergbok genaamd Borsie. Hy het gedink deur 'n paar insetsels te meld wat toon hoe daar teen Borsie gediskrimineer sou word tydens sy verblyf op die plaas, die boek sou verkoop. Ongelukk ig vir hom is Borsie een van die mees geliefde bokkies in die hele rappie-industrie en het sy boek nie die tsunami veroorsaak waarop hy gehoop het nie. Hy het gevolglik teruggekeer na sy gat op die plaas, sy wonde gelek en gedink: "Wag net, my dag sal nog kom..."

Weer het hy in die stilligheid 'n boek begin skrywe, wéér oor die mees omstrede onderwerp waaraan hy kan dink: vooroordele wat heers tussen die verskillende bokspesies op die plaas. Hy het geweet dat die groot rappie-wêreldskou eersdaags doer onder gehou gaan word, en dat dit die ideale tyd sal wees om die beste reklame vir sy nuwe boek te kry.

Maar toe val nog beter reklame in sy skoot! Want sien, een van die boerbokke op die plaas vra toe mos vir die bergbok waarmee hy 'n kamer deel, of dié sal omgee dat hulle kamers ruil sodat hy saam met sy mede-boerbok, waarmee hy al voorheen 'n kamer gedeel het en groot pêlle is, kan bly. Nou moet julle onthou dat soutwolwe se geliefkoosde prooi juis boerbokke is. Manna uit die hemel! dag onse Hanie so by hom se selwers. Nie alleen kan ek nou vir my 'n lekker vet boerbok vang nie, die feit dat di t boonop 'n boerbok is wat by 'n ander tipe bok uitgetrek het, gaan die ideale reklame vir my boek wees as bewys dat sekere bokspesies diskrimineer teen ander!

Gelukkig vir Hanie het hy nog goeie pêlle by die Rooi-oë, en sonder verwyl spring hy op sy foun en vertel vir sy pêl van die hele aangeleentheid. "Moenie vergeet om te skryf dat die boerbok kamers geruil het spesifiek omdat hy nie van bergbokke hou nie", sluit hy sy gesprek af.

Hanie se maag draai eintlik van opgewondenheid. Hy voel skoon lighoofdig. Uiteindelik glimlag die gode op my! Op die toilet, dink hy: Hoe nou gemaak? My boek is nog nie klaar nie en dis sekerlik net 'n kwessie van tyd voor Mnr Oreborsel gaan uitvind dat ek met sakke patats op sy rappieplaas geboer het, en dit boonop aan die Rooi-oë gegee het.

Hy haas hom na sy eie kwartiere. Hy begin skryf aan 'n bedankingsbrief, wat sommer ook verdere reklame vir sy nuwe boek gaan wees. Sjoe! Hy raak skoon meegevoer en hoe later hoe kwater. Hy kan nou sommer aan verskeie voorvalletjies dink wat, as hy dit net so bietjie inkleur, kan dui op vooroordele tussen bokspesies. As ek nou net genoeg tyd kan kry om my boek te voltooi voor die skou, het ek uiteindelik die wenner waarvoor ek soveel jare al swoeg! jubel onse soutwolfie.

Intussen kom die groot skou vinnig nader en die bokke op die plaas kweek rappie dat dit klap. Maar Hanie se beweringe het die land geskud, en die base van die rappie-industrie stel Mnr de Koning aan om die hele aangeleentheid te ondersoek. Ten spyte van Mnr de Koning se omsigtigheid, plaas sy ondersoek 'n demper op die rappie-produksie en die land hou maar net duim vas dat genoeg rappie van hoogstaande gehalte gekweek kan word om die eerste prys op die skou te wen.

Terwyl Hanie 'n breek vat van sy koorsagtige getik op sy skootrekenaar, wonder hy: Sal dit nie lekker wees as daai klomp harige boerbokke sleg pak kry by die skou nie?! Aan die ander kant: sal my boek nie juis verkoop as die Bokplaas die eerste prys wen nie? Ai, niks in die lewe is ôk eenvoudig nie...

[Met apologie aan George Orwell]


Hi Lucas

Wil net sê, daar is bitter min om oor opgewonde te raak en te sê oor die uitverkore groepie wat ons eer by die Wêreldbeker gaan verdedig, om nie eens te praat van 'n moontlikheid om die groot prys in te palm nie. Dis amper soos om met groot verwagting na 'n pampoen te sit en staar en hoop dit baar 'n koets met iets moois binne-in, "and we all lived happily ever after. Shame! "

Dalk is ons almal verkeerd, ja dalk groei perde horings en hoenders tande en my bles groei dalk toe met mooi gesonde hare en dalk wen ek die Lotto en, en.....

Een versoek wat ek aan 'n ieder en elk wil rig, en dit is; moet nooit ooit die huidige toestand van ons rugby vergelyk met 'n sirkus nie. Die rede is tog daar vir ons almal om te sien. Daai mense kan, hulle is "professionals". Check net, die een (oomblik) oggend is daar net 'n stuk kaal grond te sien en dieselfde middag is daar een hengse tent en daai aand lewer hulle 'n vertoning wat getuig van harde oefening en voorbereiding, fokus, deursettingsvermoë, konsentrasie, goeie oordeel, afgeronde talent, selfbeheer, vertroue, trots, en so kan ek aangaan en boonop is dit heel dikwels baie riskant en boonop vermaaklik. Daar is geen vergelyking nie, punt.

Ons leer tog so moeilik. Dit laat my dink aan groot gees, Oubaas Mark (Markotter) se insig en wat hy eendag gedoen het. 'n Sekere speler het tydens 'n wedstryd herhaaldelik dieselfde fout begaan. Die eindfluitjie blaas en Oubaas Mark stap na die speler en sonder om 'n woord te sê, druk hy 'n tiekie (3 pennie muntstukkie van daardie tyd) in die ou se hand en stap weg. Jare daarna is die Oubaas weer langs die veld en die einste speler óp die veld en dié maak toe weer dieselfde fout as destyds. Na die w edstryd probeer die speler onverpoosd om met Oubaas Mark te praat, maar die Oubaas ignoreer hom soos die pes. Na die soveelste probeerslag slaag hy daarin om 'n ontsoke Oubaas Mark 'n vraag te vra wat al baie jare op sy hart lê namens wat hy met die tiekie moes gedoen het en hoekom die Oubaas nou so kwaad vir hom is en hom vermy, waarop dié toe vir hom sê: "Die tiekie moes jy gebruik het om 'n tou te koop en met die tou moes jy jouself opgehang het". Sommige spelers leer nooit nie, en ons word week na week deur dieselde spelers met dieselfde tekortkominge en foute getrakteer. Ek wonder of daar genoeg tou in die land van ons is? Wonder maar net.

Koos Carelse

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