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RF’s weekly email offering included an Editor’s column with some fantastic guest columnist like Tom Marcellus, Desmond Organ and Vinesh Naicker and
included at various times; match reports, player ratings and weekly quotes. An important characteristic was the emphasis on being positive, fairly neutral
except for having a Springbok bias and to refrain from easy critique.

After an innocuous debut on the 28th of February, 232 issues followed over 6 years and eventually RF's distribution consisted of + 3,500 email subscribers.
The website was also established shortly after and it became a static presentation of the weekly email and a home on the web to catch up
on rugby and the weekly musings of the columnists.

Post 2006 RF went into a 'hiatus' for many years, the Straeuli years were over, Jake White's team won a splendid World Cup in France and generally the RF
team retired comfortable with the knowledge that Springbok rugby was ok and that the Internet provided many superb options to read and ramble about the
game played in heaven. 

One step at a time…
During the sojourn, the website statistics continued to surprise, received a steady stream of unique visitors and currently attracting
between 7,000 and 9,000 hits per month. A small indication, that there are some people out there interested in reading RF's musings. Well, let's give it a go!

Rugby Forum was arguably one of the first rugby blogging sites and we are hoping to continue this original trend with a regular(ish) postings on rugby in RF's
inimitable style. In addition RF will enter the social media via Twitter, it is a brilliant platform for engaging with all the rugby supporters out there and for one
liners, updates, musings and opinions.

So, we will give it a go! Furthermore, enjoy an archive with hordes of priceless articles and nik-naks rich with humour and great quotes ready for you to

Contact us
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Back in the early days… it was Brilliant!
Rugby Forum started back in 2001 as a weekly email to about 50 rugby friends or
'guinea pigs' who had an email address… the vision was to create an electronic public
forum where we could engage on our favourite topic - rugby.

The Internet was still a bit ‘limited’ back then and rugby coverage was as scarce as a
Lion’s tour, in fact, articles were mostly a 'cut and paste' job from some or other
syndicated newspaper and the same old same old written by the same old same old
appeared everywhere.