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100 Years of Springbok Support

South African rugby is celebrating the centenary of the Springbok emblem. The leaping antelope has become synonymous with 100 years of fierce tradition that stirs tremendous passion amongst supporters of Springbok rugby.

Paul Roos could not have imagined that an inspired declaration in 1906 that his team would simply be known as ‘Springbokken’ would develop into one of the world’s strongest sporting brands. In the last 100 years there have been magnificent moments responsible for some of the best sporting memories for followers of the green and gold.....   more


Brief History Since Isolation

More than a decade has passed since South Africa’s readmission to international rugby. In 1992, on a sunny winter’s day the Springboks came close to beating the old nemesis, the All Blacks of New Zealand. A great deal of change occurred during the most turbulent period in the history of the game, the most profound being professionalism. In essence a revolution took place in the way the game is perceived, played and administered.

Rugby is regarded as one of the ultimate team challenges yet individual brilliance can sway a match in one’s favour. Down the years a plethora of stars graced the game with phenomenal skill and the crowds accorded hero worship to the greatest players of the day. Names like Colin Meads, Willie John McBride, Frik Du Preez, Gareth Edwards and many more became household names through their exploits on and sometimes off the field.....   more


Great Springbok Tries: Danie Gerber vs the All Blacks 1992

The visit of Sean Fitzpatrick’s sixth All Blacks in South Africa was the direct result of monumental events in the calamitous year of 1992. After many years of sporting isolation Springbok supporters welcomed their fiercest foes to Ellis Park for a once off test.....   more


Great Springbok Tries: Hennie Le Roux vs England 1994

The Springboks versus England. Test matches between these great adversaries always produce some exhilarating moments of brilliance and over the years magnificent tries were scored when these teams met. In 1984, the superlative Danie Gerber dummy-and-sidestepped his way into rugby legend with a swashbuckling hat trick of tries against Bill Beaumont’s touring team.

A long-drawn-out decade later, South Africa - only two seasons back in the international fold from the depths of isolation welcomed an experienced England team under Will Carling for a two-test series.....   more


Substitution in Rugby

In the long history of rugby there has been quite a few revolutionary changes to the laws of the game. Most modern amendments are designed to either ensure better player safety or to create a more attractive spectacle for the vast amount of spectators, the game’s lifeblood. There is a law change that not only encompassed both these objectives but also altered the whole tactical approach of a rugby match - the use of substitutes.....   more


2004 Springbok Review

In a country where rugby is not only part of life but for many supporters a way of life the 2004 rugby year will be remembered as the great Springbok restoration. Looking back, not even Nostradamus could have predicted the Cinderella like story of Springbok rugby’s resurgence on the world scene given the dire state of affairs when the second leap year of the century broke.

A review of a season before its final climatic end is in itself a perilous affair especially after a defeat against Ireland put paid to the hopes of a Grand Slam end of year tour. There have been however, plenty of accomplishments from the class of 2004 to please and excite their loyal supporters.....   more