Editors Note


Volume 4, Week 33

Editors Note

Brilliant!     Now before a vicious rumour begins to circulate – this writer was not interviewed for the (almost) vacant position of Sharks coach during a recent, well-publicized golfing trip to Natal. Yes, there were frequent trips in the direction of Kingspark but it was more due to a massive on shore wind and the lack of ‘Tigeresque’ control over the driver at the Durban Country Club! 

During the weekly compilation of Rugby Forum’s quotes section an interesting snippet caught the eye, that of a provincial rugby player’s wife who is suing for divorce. The player’s alleged wondering eye and hands were the cause for the breakup of the marriage and the learned council for the plaintiff is thinking of suing the GLRU as well on grounds that ‘rugby unions should protect the players, their marriages and their spouses from female attention’. 

If this action was to succeed it will create a whole new support industry at the professional unions. CEO’s will need to ensure that every player is given a minder to ‘protect’ the quarry from all the ‘unwanted’ female attention. And there we all thought it was one of the ‘perks’ of being a Springbok or provincial rugby player. This lawsuit dear readers could prove disastrous to rugby's future. We as supporters need to act and act fast to thwart this devious action, as it will have far reaching impact on all upcoming rugby talent. They might, heavens forbid, turn to cricket where model girlfriends are dime a dozen but the performances not nearly as attractive.

This coming weekend sees the final round of the Currie Cup and the scramble for semi-final positions will be a fight to the end. One has to favour the Lions or Cheetahs to grab the second home semi-final or ‘lotto’ and WP to falter against the Bulls at an apparently full Loftus. The latter will be the match of the weekend though, the might of the WP backline against the Bulls pack.

It reminds one of the old days……. Northerns had the pack with Naas and WP had those free running backs like Faffa Knoetze, the du Plessis brothers and the Burgers on wing. Salivating to say the least! The blue machine is on a roll and should be able to clinch victory all be it by a small margin. The Province backs will no doubt create scoring opportunities with a lot hinging on Werner Greeff’s performance and if he can finish 80 minutes.

The WP pivot has a problem, he is injury prone and his attitude last week against the Sharks sucked – it could have cost WP the game. Agreed, the man is very talented, he proved that in 2002 with great tries at important times but after a season and a half of injuries he has yet to prove he is the real deal at no 10 for his province never mind the Springboks. 

The other games should go the fancied Cheetahs and Lions way but somehow this Currie Cup with a few upsets already has not quite finished producing another hallelujah game. For this armchair supporter it is back on the couch, enjoying one of the most entertaining seasons for a long while.

Oh, by the way if any of the Durban readers find a dozen or so ProV1x’s at Beachwood, please return to Coach (new), Poste Restante, Kingspark Stadium.



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I want enough time to work with the players and a fair chance to coach the squad. Then I can be judged. This was not the case last time.        Chester Williams on coaching the Cats

I suppose one can say if you're in the spotlight you will face more criticism, but I think everyone who now gets on the bandwagon to criticise the Bulls, is jealous of our success. It's so ironic - they live in glass houses and they still throw stones.     Heyneke Meyer

I don't foresee that the numerous changes (six) in the pack will have any influence on our performance. In actual fact, it's virtually the same pack, with a few changes, that beat the Cheetahs in the first round at Loftus.   Andries Human, Bulls prop

They have to show the appetite for wanting to host the event, if the government doesn't endorse the bid it will be difficult for me to go on as chief executive.       Francois Pienaar

The players never thought they'd get f****d up, but the smiling stopped as soon as things started.     Dale McDermott (cameraman who leaked the Kamp Staaldraad pictures)

I couldn't believe guys could get that f****d up ... I didn't know a human body could go so long. Guys couldn't even mouth the words to the anthem they were so f****d. I had a new respect for them.      Dale McDermott

Do you want this tour to be remembered as the biggest boozing and sh@gging tour of all time, or do you want it to be remembered for your achievements on the field?      Peter Rossborough, manager of the 1995 England A touring team to Australia in an extract from Will: The Autobiography of Will Greenwood

I don't really like them and I know for a fact that the Bulls hate me. It motivates me.      Quinton Davids

There are several players in the squad I would feel comfortable upon to be England captain but for me Jonny is in every way the right player to take on this challenge.      Acting England coach Andy Robinson 

The first legal point we are considering is that the GLRU can no longer keep Stoltz's husband in its service because we believe his lifestyle is not in the public interest. Secondly, we are considering taking the GRLU to task because rugby players are public figures who are subjected to a lot of female attention from which rugby unions should protect the players, their marriages and their spouses.     Louis Shapiro, lawyer for Lions lock Willem Stoltz's wife, Monya, who filed for divorce 

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Currie Cup Log NPC Log
Team P W D L BPts Pts
Blue Bulls 13 11 1 1 7 53
WP 13 8 0 5 11 43
Cheetahs 13 7 1 5 10 40
Lions 13 8 0 5 8 40
Sharks 13 5 0 8 8 28
Griquas 13 5 0 8 8 28
Pumas 13 5 0 8 3 23
Eagles 13 2 0 11 4 12
Teams P W D L B Pts
Wellington 8 6 1 1 5 31
Taranaki 8 6 0 2 4 28
B o Plenty 8 6 0 2 4 28
Canterbury 8 5 1 2 5 27
Waikato 8 5 0 3 6 26
Harbour 8 4 1 3 8 26
Auckland 8 3 0 5 7 19
Otago 8 2 1 5 1 11
Southland 8 1 0 7 1 5
Northland 8 0 0 8 1` 1

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Letters to the Editor
Hi Lucas

Shark Shine

Have to agree with the orrel speeler, lost opportunity is right! I suppose its only in KZN that a 'coach' who is totally unsuccessful is retained and as your writer espouses he has the most remarkable verbiage to deflect all journalists enquiries!

Personally I believe the sell by date passed on Brian Van Zyl approximately two weeks after he was employed and, as he is responsible for the 'Missed-short- one,' (you are on a golfing trip here), should in conjunction with his own resignation hand in Putt's as well.

While you're here in KZN I hope you get onto the golf courses as the booking sheets will probably be overwhelmed with Shark players. Yes they do seem to apply way more professionalism to their golf games than they do to the hand that feeds them!

Storm Ferguson

Hi Lucas

Flyhalves, Currie Cup and Super 14. 

It's been a while since I last sent a message. I feel it is time to say something, but first I have a couple of restless thoughts:

Will the NEC Green Dragons let Jaco van der Westhuyzen go for the end-of-year tour? What is the latest news? If not, why is everyone looking at Willem de Waal if Derick Hougaard gives a constant, solid performance week in and out? It seems as if everyone got used to how good Derick is, so much that they don't notice it anymore.  What can we as fans do to prevent the Currie Cup to weaken (like Brian van Rooyen is planning to do again? Why can't we replace the Vodacom Cup with a lengthy National Championship for the Clubs and Amateur unions? Let's face it... we know have reached an era where there should be a clear cut between professional and amateur. What if we only had 5 Professional unions (perfectly fitting with our country regions and main cities): 

Stormers for the Cape, situated in Cape Town 
Cheetahs for the Freestate, situated in Bloemfontein 
Bulls for Mpumalange and Limpopo but situated in Pretoria 
Lions for Gauteng and North West, but situated in Jo'burg 
Sharks for Natal, situated in Durban
And then we have 9 amateur unions (the rest of the Currie Cup teams). 

Now that SARugby includes SARFU, why can't the Sanzar profit be used to also develop amateur and club rugby? 

What about a South African tournament system that will make it easy for any player to be noticed on National level? 


Abbreviations. PRO - The 5 Professional Unions. AMA - The 9 Amateur Unions.

The PRO take part in the Super 14, and just before the Springbok end of year tour each year, they compete for the Currie Cup, against the best team from the AMA. The Currie Cup will always be these 5 teams playing, together with a team that made it through from the AMA Championships (9 AMA unions). The National, PRO 5 Clubs and AMA Championships takes place during and after the Super 14, and the games are always played before home Super 14 games. Therefor the 5 PRO unions plays Super 14, and the AMA unions and PRO union clubs play National Championships. The National Championship is divided into two sections. A Union and Club section. In the Club section (PRO 5 Clubs) all the clubs for the PRO unions battle it out to represent their PRO union against the AMA unions. The first round will keep the reserve players from the PRO union teams matchfit during the league matches of the Super 14. In the second round the PRO clubs play against the AMA unions. Winner of the National Championships plays the the C urrie Cup that year. If your team have won the National Championships, you are not allowed to play for one of the PRO unions during the Currie Cup. The Currie Cup will be 6 teams, 5 PRO unions and the best AMA union. 5 home + 5 away games, only a final. There will be a Currie Shield for the other 8 AMA unions.

One of the 5 PRO Unions may buy players from outside their clubs and from AMA unions, but there must be a clause where the AMA union receives incentives in each PRO game the club player appears.

The u/20 and Schools teams are still managed by the 14 Unions, and funded by SA Rugby. and the tournaments continue just as before. You are not allowed to compete in the Club Championships and U/20 Union league at the same time. The U/20 Union league is there to showcase and develop players for the clubs and PRO ranks. As a player you can decide to go through the ranks as club player, or as a union U/20 player. The Clubs will be funded by their unions through the National Championships (TV rights et c) and the local sponsorships. 

Season 2005 Example:

February to March:
Super 14 starts (Bulls, Lions, Cheetahs, Stormers, Sharks). 
"Vodacom" PRO 5 Clubs starts (example Tukkies Vs. TUT (Bulls), RAU vs. Pukke (Lions) etc...) 
"Vodacom" AMA Championships (example Eagles vs Pumas, Leopards vs. Griquas etc.)

April to May:
Super 14 last games, semi's, final 
"Vodacom" PRO 5 Finals (example Tukkies (Bulls) vs. Maties (Stormers), Pirates (Lions) vs. Shimlas (Cheetahs) etc.) 
"Vodacom" National Championships (example Tukkies vs. Griquas, Shimlas vs. Bulldogs, Maties vs. Pumas).

Junie tot August:
Home Tests 
"Absa" Currie Shield starts (8 AMA teams: example Eagles vs Pumas, Leopards vs. Griquas etc.)
September to October:

"Absa" Currie Shield final (example Falcons vs. Elephants) 
"Absa" Curricup (6 teams, 5 PRO Unions and 1 AMA union) (example: Bulls vs. Falocons (if Falcons was the AMA champion in March, etc.))
November to December
Springboks end of year tour

It is clear and simple. If you want to be a PRO rugby player, you go play for a club in the 5 PRO unions. I know it may seem outrageous at first, but please explain to me why this won't work?

Herman Kotze, Pretoria

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